Geoff Thompson – Conquer Your Fear

Geoff Thompson is a former bouncer, self-defence instructor, BAFTA winning writer, playwright, author and teacher.  His first appearance on London Real causes people stop me on the street weekly to talk about the effect he has had on their lives.

Geoff has a peculiar way of tapping into the male psyche and somehow explaining our misunderstood behaviour patterns as men back to our own somewhat confused cerebral cortex.  His experiences with violence and rage connect with us but his way of articulating these through books and film are what makes Geoff a truly exceptional artist.

Please join me this week to Conquer Your Fear.

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Andrew Hutchinson

Beautiful. Thank you Geoff and thank you Brian.

Sergio Yepes
Sergio Yepes

Thanks, this interview was awsome….
The Four Reliances

First, rely on the essence and meaning of the teachings, not on the words; Second, rely on the teachings, not on the personality of the teacher; Third, rely on real wisdom, not superficial interpretation; And fourth, rely on the essence of your pure Wisdom Mind, not on judgmental perceptions.

~ Traditional Buddhist teaching

Mikey P Small

I’ve had the pleasure of two things regarding this interview. 1. Knowing what Geoff is talking about regarding growing up in Coventry as I’ve had first hand experience of perceptions of other based on your physical presence and how this can be a negative or a reason to project their own insecurities. 2. I also have experienced the conscious awaking of myself and seeing that affect has had on others. Oh well their loss! I was lucky enough to have a friend who used to go to Geoff’s Martial arts lessons at Foxford School & AT7 Centre, I was enable… Read more »


Another hidden jewel. Although I cannot relate to Geoff in terms of experience with violence (which I am very grateful for), I like this episode. In particular his thoughts on congruence, the fear pyramid and the discussion on how your environment gets uncomfortable when you change.

It is hard to believe for me that he was such an aggressive man. In the interview he appears to be the definition of Zen.

Rick Dez

I can truly relate to Geoff. I grew up in the South Bronx in the 1970’s and was exposed to extreme violence at a very young age. Furthermore, I have 40 years training in various martial arts and teaching for 30 years now. The convergence of mental awareness and motivation to thrive in humanity begins with a purging of the less than optimal imprinting, learned through daily interactions with low performing victims within your society. The fact is that during the course of your life, you are most likely to interact with humans within your zone of comfort. This is… Read more »