Frank Bruno – British Boxing Legend

Frank Bruno is the former British heavyweight world champion boxer.

He is known for his incredible punching power, Frank have a total of 40 wins under your belt, 38 by way of knockout. He fought Lennox Lewis for the title and had two epic bouts with Mike Tyson, the second one ending his career.

Frank Bruno is one of the most well loved and recognisable boxers in Britain and his life and struggles with mental health have been highly publicised in the media.

In his new book ‘Let Me Be Frank’, he open up about living with bipolar disorder in the hope of taking away some of the stigma attached to the illness.

00:00 Trailer.
02:38 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
04:57 Brian’s introduction.
05:36 London born countryside lover.
06:16 Learning respect for elders, manners, discipline and focus.
07:13 Why Frank was sent to borstal aged 12.
09:54 Why he decided to get into boxing and how he developed in the sport.
11:30 What made Frank a very good boxer.
12:06 Frank might have been a Pentecostal priest.
13:28 Losing his father at an early age.
14:19 Frank won his first 21 fights but with so much still to learn in order to survive.
17:16 Memories of winning the 1995 world championship having learnt from the losses.
20:06 Blood boxing is a business: who and what helped Frank achieve his ambition.
21:52 The unbelievable boxing scene of the 1980s.
23:20 Why Frank doesn’t class himself as famous.
24:57 Early memories of sparring with Mike Tyson.
27:20 In praise of Cus D’Amato.
32:00 The two fights with Mike Tyson.
35:51 The fight with Lennox Lewis.
36:40 Moving on from losing a fight.
37:29 How he would have felt if he had not won the world championship.
37:58 How difficult it was to retire and deal with life afterwards.
41:01 Coping strategies for dealing with his Bipolar disorder.
42:50 Being sectioned having a bad experience of medication.
45:39 Setting up the Frank Bruno Foundation and the need for investigation into drug use and side effects.
52:15 Practising yoga.
52:58 Sectioned for the second time ten years later.
55:54 What Frank hopes people take from his new book “Let Me Be Frank”.
58:59 Frank is looking forward to becoming a grandfather.
59:31 What Frank thinks of the game of boxing today with Joshua, Haye, Fury and Chisora
1:06:24 The MMA and boxing cross-over fight between Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor.
1:09:09 The British public’s love for Frank.
1:09:54 Success secrets.
1:10:39 Frank has learnt from so many in the past and continues to be open to enlightening and empowering himself.
1:11:37 The best day of Frank’s life.
1:12:12 What keeps him awake at night question prompts that famous laugh.
1:12:41 What scares Frank.
1:12:55 Frank reveals a frustrated passion.
1:15:46 Frank recalls Donald Trump’s long association with boxing.
1:16:50 Don King the boxing promoter was no “puddy cat”.
1:17:55 Frank has watched London Real.
1:19:11 Phone call to the 20-year old Frank Bruno.
1:20:43 Best advice ever received.
1:22:08 Advice to young people wanting to improve their life or the world in which they live.
1:24:22 Brian’s praise for new book “Let Me Be Frank” and its encouragement for adopting a questioning attitude.
1:26:46 Brian’s summing up.

Frank Bruno website
The Frank Bruno Foundation
Frank Bruno on Facebook
Frank Bruno on YouTube
Frank Bruno on Twitter
Frank Bruno on Instagram
Frank Bruno on Wikipedia

Frank Bruno’s Books:
Let Me Be Frank
Frank: Fighting Back

Topics discussed:
Earlsfield Amateur Boxing Club
Gleason’s Gym
Bipolar disorder
Lovers rock
Funky house
Ministry of Sound
Piers Morgan Life Stories with Frank Bruno

People mentioned in this episode:
Bruce Lee
Nigel Benn
James Smith (boxer)
Frank Warren (promoter)
Don King (boxing promoter)
Lennox Lewis
Oliver McCall
Terry Lawless
Mickey Duff
Mike Barrett
Chris Eubank
Clinton McKenzie
Barry McGuigan
Charlie Magri
Maurice Hope
Peter Batt
Mike Tyson
Cus D’Amato
Jarvis Astaire
Johnny Bos
Rocky Marciano
Tracey Crouch
Chris Eubank Jr.
Conor Benn
Anthony Joshua
David Haye
Wladimir Klitschko
Dereck Chisora
Tyson Fury
Conor McGregor
Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Harry Carpenter
Prince (musician)
George Michael
Sting (musician)
Bob Marley
Beenie Man
Frank Sinatra
Luciano Pavarotti
Oasis (band)
Donald Trump
Piers Morgan

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he would have the perfect full, deep voice for singing….blues maybe…..


I heard Frank trained very, very hard. All jokes aside, probably the best Frank Bruno interview I’ve ever watched.


Why not get a Predictive Homeopath from india on your show? It’s replaced allopathy in India and people are cured of serious illnesses but western media never reports about this.


Wonderful man who gives you a positive sense on life and the reflections from life…


Frank Bruno is an incredible man and a wonderful mentor for young men who,may have had a poor start in life.


Great episode what a gentleman and all round great guy


Great in depth interview. Looking forward to meeting Frank on Tuesday in Birmingham.


amazing interview


Interesting interview. Not an easy one, but respect for Frank. He has a powerful presence.

Love Rocket
Love Rocket

What an amazing guy, “I am famous, and ” if a dog bits me it will hurt.
Humble and great all in one
Great chat

Grant Stewart

Really enjoyed this. Nice to see Frank healthy and moving forward again.


Frank Bruno. “Legend”. Thank you for sharing yourself and speaking up for mental health and the unfortunate endemic problems that run throughout the system. It’s a shame that the good work that gets done by good people gets lost behind the flawed smoke screen of unaccountability and poor management.
Thank you for giving us years of thrilling fights

william worters

thank you brian frank and the whole crew for putting this great show together love frank the man is a legend and a tremendous human being

Mark Smith

Franks a true Gent, good to see that he is keeping well!

Nick Clifford

Thanks for giving Frank some airtime Brian 🙂