Emily Brook – CEO & Founder of Blaze

Emily Brooke often gets called Emily Blaze by mistake…and it’s no wonder.  When this woman goes on a mission there is fire on her trail and anyone & anything in her path best get out of the way.

Emily created the Laserlight, an LED bike light with a laser that projects the symbol of a bicycle 5 meters ahead of the cyclist to tackle the most common cause of cycling accidents – vehicles turning across an unseen bike.

After raising £55,000 from Kickstarter and another £300,000 from Index Ventures and the Richard Branson clan, the “real work” as she explains began.  Now she had to go from a prototype to a mass-manufactured product complete with hardware tooling, supply chains in China, and brutally thin profit margins.

But that didn’t stop her.  Emily jumped right in with partners PCH International and began the long journey that very few Silicon Roundabout startups (or Silicon Real guests) ever have to consider: mass-manufactured hardware (props to Kano Computer who also takes on this Herculean task!).

Join us in supporting Emily Brooke and Blaze on their amazing journey.  As we used to say in the City, the Smart Money is on Her!  (I just bought one)

compiled by @zander-bylund.

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