Elliott Hulse – The Body Is The Mind

Elliott Hulse is a powerhouse of thought and passion. Through YouTube, Elliott has established himself as a legendary strength coach and moved millions of people to find direction, whether it be in business, through starting meditation or just by getting them off the couch to train and take action.

A former pro strongman, Elliott is not afraid of hard work, but it’s his hunger for knowledge, his ability for deep self-reflection, and his energetic communication skills that make him an incredible teacher too.

Honest, committed, and engaged, Elliott is on a journey of his own and in this episode of London Real you’ll see him get more open and vulnerable than ever before, even revealing his thoughts and experiences with psychedelics for the first time on camera.

Elliott has been one of the most requested guests on London Real for years – now the wait is over. Prepare for two hours of mind-blowing insight and inspiration because Elliott Hulse just got REAL!

Success SecretsAUDIO

00:00 Trailer.
00:54 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
05:45 Brian’s Introduction.
06:09 Elliott’s first impressions of London.
09:16 Contrasting Florida to London.
10:40 Diversity within the State of Florida.
14:47 Transcending superficial identity issues.
18:47 Active meditation, taking the British out of their comfort zone.
23:36 What is missing from target driven gym work-outs.
27:47 Harmonising the western mind with the eastern mind.
30:30 Why Elliott stopped making YouTube videos at the height of their success.
35:35 Using YouTube as a business tool in its early days.
37:33What finally decided Elliott in 2014 to stop making videos.
39:06 What he did afterwards.
41:15 Taking time to realign with his natural body rhythms.
45:12 Returning to podcasting in 2015, a wiser man.
47:27 Carl Jung says ‘you can be inflated by the light and it can be so powerful it can change you.’
53:34 Elliott’s relationship with money.
57:46 Family values and the work-life balance dilemma.
1:00:59 Colleen Hulse in the gym and on camera.
1:03:52 Does he think his children should appear on camera?
1:05:08 Steroid use and their adverse effect on him.
1:10:31 What it takes to be a pro Strongman.
1:11:26 Kali Muscle Body builder vs Elliott Hulse Strongman.
1:12:38 People from around the world turn up to train at Strength Camp.
1:13:52 Dealing with public recognition.
1:16:00 Writing his goals down and keeping different journals.
1:18:00 How he interprets his dreams.
1:20:31 Not holding on to the bad times, but moving forward.
1:22:08 The value of good mentors.
1:26:27 Connecting mind and body through Dynamic Meditation, Sharmans and Ayahuasca.
1:43:46 Taking his first camping vacation.
1:48:29 Elliott’s music associated memories.
1:50:50 Success Secrets.
1:51:26 How Elliott facilitates the body is the mind concept as body changes with age.
1:54:12 What is a non-job?
1:58:51 Thoughts on parenting.
2:03:59 Reading and meditation habits.
2:07:42 Phone call to 20 year old Elliott Hulse.
2:10:27 Best advice Elliott ever received.
2:12:28 Advice to the 20 year olds who want to do what Elliott does.
2:13:11 Brian’s summing up.