Ece Temelkuran – Erdogan, Enough Is Enough

Ece Temelkuran, is a journalist, activist and author who has twice been named Turkey’s “most read political columnist”. She is currently campaigning with the famous hashtag #Tamam, which means ‘Enough’. It is circulating around on social media after President Erdogan announced he would step down if the people wanted it.

She was infamously fired in 2012 by the Habertürk newspaper because of articles your wrote that were critical of the Turkish government, and the massacre of dozens of Kurdish teenagers.

Ece has published 14 books including the best sellers – Women Who Blow on Knots and Turkey: The Insane & The Melancholy, which have won numerous awards.

00:00 Trailer.
03:40 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
05:46 Brian’s introduction.
06:16 Ece compares opportunity to “make it” in London with New York.
09:05 Ece’s insider view of tensions in Turkey caused by Eastern and Western influences.
16:37 Mother’s early influence on Ece’s future storytelling writing style.
21:26 Study of law helps her journalism, but she has only been moved to take one case.
26:01 Why she has written about the plight of the Kurdish people.
27:56 Interesting time living in politicised Ankara.
29:43 Joy of having her first book turned into a stage play.
32:09 Inspiration for writing and where she finds freedom to do it.
38:24 Beirut gives you an illusion.
40:32 Why Ece returned to journalism and retains her storytelling style.
41:46 Fired as a journalist and facing horrifying massive backlash on social media.
49:31 Writing new book ‘How to Lose a Country’ about government paid social media detractors.
53:53 Erdoğan, his background, the events and the network which brought him to power.
58:22 Politics is about power and money.
1:00:12 2016 Turkish coup d’êtat attempt, how Erdoğan used it.
1:05:09 When you love your country, but he doesn’t love you back, it is heart breaking.
1:13:21 USA included in global pattern of what is happening in Turkey, Ece warns.
1:16:04 Women should take-action now, rationally, in their communities.
1:19:16 Famous people highlight protest movements, but it is the collective invisible who make change.
1:22:15 What we can learn from the 1970s.
1:23:15 The new book ‘How to Lose a County – The New Ice Age of Politics’ will be non-fiction.
1:35:10 Inspired by her time in Venezuela.
1:26:10 Her daily writing routine.
1:27:59 Success secrets.
1:28:24 What is her super power to achieve so much?
1:29:45 What would temporarily satisfy her?
1:31:55 Best and worst day of her life.
1:33:36 What we would be surprised to know about Ece.
1:34:23 What keeps her awake at night.
1:35:04 What scares Ece
1:35:49 Does she feel a responsibility to the people of Turkey to keep writing?
1:37:54 Telephone call to the 20-year old Ece.
1:39:03 Best advice you ever received with an explanation of book title ‘Women Who Blow on Knots’.
1:43:54 Advice to the young man or woman listening from a country with an authoritarian leader.
1:46:36 Brian’s summing up.

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The Time of Mute Swans
Women Who Blow Knots
Turkey: The Insane and the Melancholy
Deep Mountain – Across the Turkish -Armenian Divide
How to Lose a Country – The New Ice Age of Politics – 7 Feb 2019
Book of the Edge

Topics discussed:
Izmir – Google maps
The Syrian Civil War
Central Anatolia Region of Turkey
2016 Turkish Coup d’êtat attempt
Me Too Movement

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