Eben Pagan – Opportunity – How To Find, Create And Thrive From Opportunities In Your Life

Eben Pagan is an American entrepreneur, author, and speaker known for his expertise on business management, growth and personal development, particularly through internet marketing.

Back in the 2000s he discovered this business almost by accident, with his massively successful Double Your Dating ebook (which I bought) using the pen name David DeAngelo.

As this business grew he started teaching people in the information marketing businesses, how to build online products.

Today he travels the world six months a year, runs all of his businesses virtually (with no office), and have been chosen by Tony Robbins as one of his “New Money Masters.”

00:00 Trailer.
03:49 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
06:35 Brian’s introduction.
07:17 Being alert to different marketing techniques and opportunities in countries he visits.
10:02 Entrepreneurship and selling in Europe is different to that in the US.
12:43 Eben’s background and the early days of his enquiring and entrepreneurial nature.
19:49 The key, is assuming that whatever you want to know, you can learn.
20:56 Paradigm shift for Eben as he learns how to get a date.
27:19 Marketing his first book Double Your Dating.
31:37 I’m free – another paradigm shift.
34:42 Success leads to business.
38:20 What marketing is and why there is a human disconnect between business, sales and marketing.
43:19 A good product sells itself.
45:52 How Eben’s personality has impacted his business and financial success.
48:54 How the dating game changed and ‘the pick-up artist’ came into being.
51:43 The advent and capability of internet marketing.
55:34 Email remains a primary method of marketing.
58:31 Learning how to spend the money you make, to become wealthy.
1:14:32 The need to be willing to personally change when learning a new skill.
1:17:05 Eben’s admiration for Tony Robbins.
1:21:14 Eben’s book, Opportunity, is a manual for the incredible changes coming in next ten years.
1:23:17 Learning new models and new methods and creating new ways of creating things out here in reality.
1:32:41 Creating an opportunity network.
1:37:32 What Burning Man is like.
1:43:59 Get out of their model of reality and go far out of their world.
1:47:36 Eben’s daily habits.
1:52:36 Best and worst days of his life.
1:56:45 What scares him.
1:58:02 What he thinks he will be doing in 20 years time.
2:01:45 Phone call to the 20 year old Eben Pagan.
2:03:21 Best advice he ever received.
2:06:54 Success secrets.
2:07:44 Brian’s summing up.

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Hmm, its interesting to watch Mr. Rose develop but I really like the gold nuggets.

Nigel Hughes

Excellent conversation. Eben Pagan is a genius.


Hi guys,
Can anybody help me with the time in the interview where he talks about his daughter and how he uses the push pull method to build trust and help strengthen their relationship?
Thanks a million!




Great Interview! Eben Pagan is a great man, honest and care so much about the humanity. Every day I get more impressed about London Real. Thanks for all this valuable information. Very grateful!!!


Love Eben’s videos, he is truly the best teacher of Life you can get nowadays.


Another deeply insightful interview! This brought us deep into the world of Eben Pagan in a unique way that ive never seen before. I concur with other comments that the show should be syndicated to an even larger audience. The insights are extremely valuable for shaping global culture.

Rob Suede

pretty good interview completely changed my perception on Eban David D! I too was heavy in the pickup scene until I came across Grant Cardone and that led me to Dan Peña and The London Real! #Graditude


David Deangelo is the OG of the Pickup game hilarious. David Deangelo stole alot of game from Tariq Nasheed’s book the Art of Makin. Tariq is the real OG. David Deangelo show credit where credit is due. Most of your content outside of your inner game is garbage. You don’t teach shit, you emphasize too much off coky funny and become overly analytical instead of just teaching how to have a conversation with women with sexual intent. Mr. Locario right now is way better than David Deangelo.


I’m sure you have an iPhone. So… Don’t talk about plagiarism.

Patrick Schnetz

love all of your interviews, you should enable a way to chromecast all of your content to a TV …


Just shared this. I am a fan of Eben’s work and this just shows how he practices what he teaches and grows as a personal as well.


Eben eben, you the man if you cant do it no one can.