Dylan Werner – What is Yoga? How A Marine Firefighter Became a World Renowned Yogi

Dylan Werner is a former U.S. Marine Corps firefighter and wrestler turned world-famous yoga instructor.

After completing a tour of Iraq he spent eight years as a paramedic and firefighter in California. He then found yoga through martial arts, eventually deciding he wanted to dedicate his life to the practice.

Today he has given more than 400 workshops in over 60 countries, taught at some of the world’s most prestigious yoga studios and inspires millions on social media.

00:00 Trailer.

02:36 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.

03:31 Brian’s introduction.

04:01 Dylan’s movement journey and influencers.

09:35 Language is very limiting in describing what Yoga is.

11:56 Something that is true is only in this present moment.

20:05 Dylan has always felt a mind and body connection in any of the extreme sports he has done.

24:08 Dylan’s perspective on his past life since taking up yoga.

27:09 The big influence on Dylan’s young life he would have viewed differently.

32:43 What yoga is not.

34:10 The present moment confronts you with who you are, there is nothing to hide behind.

37:42 How Dylan came to yoga and fame.

50:47 Thinking about the meaning of his life and what is his purpose.

54:38 Western culture finds giving of one’s self and being of service, hard to follow.

56:13 Why he posts pictures on Instagram.

59:42 What yoga is and its different types.

1:16:13 What hand balancing has taught him.

1:20:03 Fighting to achieve, there are five things needed to do this.

1:25:12 Nature is a reflection of the inner truth of the self.

1:30:10 The vision quest: the 12 guiding principles.

1:41:12 Controlling the mind is a process one continually has to practice.

1:43:21 PTSD is a different experience for each one who has it and how he was able to get rid of his.

1:48:08 Movement is essential. If you stop moving, you start dying.

1:53:43 What is Dylan’s purpose.

1:58:40 Dylan’s time in the Marines.

2:00:32 Being present. Dylan shares his first experience of drugs.

2:08:50 Everything is interconnected and interdependent on everything we all do in the universe.

2:14:28 What scares Dylan.

2:17:09 Phone call to the 20 years old Dylan.

2:19:37 Best advice he ever received.

2:22:16 Success secrets.

2:23:42 You are your greatest and only teacher.

2:25:09 Brian’s summing up.

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Yoga means union, the science of union. Meditation is the most supreme phenomenon as far as union with reality is concerned. Meditation is the god of yoga. But yoga has fallen into wrong hands, and not only recently – for centuries it has been in the wrong hands. The original fault must be with the founder, Patanjali himself. Patanjali has divided yoga into eight parts. His division is clear-cut, very scientific, but he was not really aware of human stupidity. He started with the body – and that’s the right way to start. The first part of yoga must be… Read more »


Love your modesty and humility. Thanks for the wisdom


Very honest and introspective interview, great guest.


I’m glad you brought him on i love this guy and his perspective on everything it’s really helped me get a grip on things recently after watching this.




Missed who said “every day you have to wake up and beat your mind into submission with your shoe?” Love the saying and want to give credit where it’s due.

This is an especially meaningful interview, though all your interviews are incredible. Your conversation with Dylan really resonated with me on a lot of levels and will be remembered and re-watched for sure.

I also really love the fabulous quality of the interview settings – so nice to see something visually pleasing.


A journey implies a destination. Otherwise you are simply wandering.


I believe yoga is the emulation and adoration of hindu gods.


what Dylan is mainly talking about is our aspiration to be aware of all that is in truth , in wanting none, but realize that we “are” …………….now