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Dr Michael Greger – How Not To Die

Dr Michael Greger is a graduate of Cornell University and the Tufts University School of Medicine, and has a New York Times bestselling book “How Not To Die” that examines the fifteen top causes of death in America.

He has appeared in numerous documentary films including
“What The Health”,
“Prescription: Nutrition” and
“Eating you Alive”

His website, nutritionfacts.org, has thousands of videos giving research-based advice, about specific foods and health-related issues.

00:00 Trailer.
01:42 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
04:34 Brian’s introduction.
05:15 The number one cause of death and disability in Britain is the British diet.
06:24 Heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and obesity can be cured by lifestyle changes.
10:29 Public confusion over what is best to eat.
12:15 Food industry focussed on shareholder profit, not health of consumer.
13:49 Why Michael Greger has worked passionately for 20 years to get his message across.
15:44 The human body is a self-healing machine.
20:11 Parallels between the smoking message and lifestyle message in getting people’s attention.
22:51 Why we find the food, which is not part of a plant based diet, so enticing.
26:31 When Michael Greger started eating a plant based diet and how he sticks to it when travelling.
32:44 Why he advocates a wholefood plant based diet but does not call himself a Vegan.
35:51 You don’t know until you try, just give it 21 days.
39:35 How people can be persuaded to change their diet in the current culture.
46:29 What will it take for a national eureka moment?
51:40 The power of the dairy, meat and pharmaceutical industries and their political might.
1:07:18 Interpersonal interaction that sparks the interest and passes the message on.
1:11:02 How Michael answers his critics.
1:18:26 What drives Dr Michael Greger.
1:20:12 Michaels hope for evidence based medicine.
1:24:51 Michael’s views on Paleo and Atkins diets, soya, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, mental health,
1:34:51 …gluten, sugars, fruit sugars, chicken and Ketogenic diet.
1:40:54 Success secrets.
1:41:47 What is Michael’s super power?
1:46:10 What Michael has learnt about using the internet to get your message out there.
1:51:18 Why Michael never takes a holiday.
1:54:48 Michael’s future plans.
2:00:16 How a plant based lifestyle can affect cancer treatment.
2:02:48 Best and worst days of Michael’s life.
2:09:40 Plant intelligence and medicines.
2:11:39 What keeps Michael awake at night.
2:13:52 How he funds his lifestyle when he gives so much for free.
2:15:39 Phone call to the 20 year old Michael Greger.
2:17:22 Best advice he ever received.
2:19:21 Advice to the young person listening anywhere in the world for getting into a plant based diet.
2:22:15 Brian’s summing up.

Dr Michael Greger links:
Michael Greger’s website
Michael Greger’s Nutrition Facts website
Michael Greger on Twitter
Nutrition Facts on YouTube
Dr Greger’s Daily Dozen App
Michael Greger on Wikipedia

Dr Michael Greger Books:
How Not To Die
How Not To Die Cookbook
Bird Flu – A Virus Of Our Own Hatching
Carbophobia – Scary Truth about Americas Low-Carb Craze!
Heart Failure Diary of a Third Year Medical Student

Topics discussed:
What the Health
Eating You Alive
Prescription Nutrition
The Lancet July 1990
Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (Mad cow disease)
Pink slime
The Knick (TV drama)
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
Ketogenic diet

People mentioned in this episode:
Dean Ornish
Nathan Pritikin
Sir Richard Doll
Oprah Winfrey
Walter Kempner
Louis Pasteur
Professor David Nutt
David Allen

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This was such an amazing talk!
I am the 20year old you’re talking about 🙂
And I’m vegan and I’m so pumped to spread that message even more 🙏🏽 thank you both for this talk and Dr. I absolutely adore you’re enthusiasm for life and to spread that message ❤️


I too have poisoned myself eating raw elderberries … 🙂 So stupid.


Because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here.”

Screw this site and put it on Youtube already



Please try to use another browser. That’s a usual fix for that error. Sometimes, there is an inconsistency between your browser version and Flash. 🙂


I agree with 95% of what Dr. Greger has to say. Having said that, a vegan diet is not a panacea. I’ve seen plenty of obese vegans with heart attacks.


“In conclusion, our results suggest that United Kingdom–based vegetarians and comparable nonvegetarians (including people who eat fish but not meat and those who eat meat <5 times per week on average) have similar all-cause mortality. The differences by diet group found for specific causes of death merit further investigation."

Joseph Reid

The Doctor is wise and sincere. We should apply his advice and live better physical lives. Thank you for this interview Mr. Rose.


Absolutely great interview !Dr Michael Greger and dr Alan Goldhamer r my favourite !


where is part 2 in youtube, slow streaming in this website couldnt watch


Great video, great guest Brian, well done to the good doctor he is speaking total common sense, sadly common sense is not so common. Like anyone else I ate meat/fish ect for the first 20 years of my life, and then did not eat it for the next 22 years, (obviously i’m 42) nobody could tell me there is not a massive difference, lightness, clear thought, energy, quality of sleep, level good mood, and many other benefits, never been overweight and I feel absolutely better in myself for not being a weak man and cruel cunt for inflicting untold suffering… Read more »


There is a big difference between pasture raised and mainstream processed mass produced meat. I eat meat and fish but in very little quantities. There is something to be said about the health benefits of a bone broth made from organically fed animals or wild ones. People have been eating meat since the dawn of time. Our bodies are adapted to it. But our diet should be at least 80% plant based. Organic preferably. If you eat dairy, it should be from pasture raised or organically fed animals. I don’t feel like a cunt because I eat some meat and… Read more »


He’s the best! It’s sooo hard!! OMG it’s so hard! I was raw food mostly, sometimes adding in Quinoa sometimes. Sometime some cooked veggies, but mostly all raw. Lots of juicing etc.. I started this because I had severe diarrhea that no one knew what it was. I stayed true to the whole plants diet for almost 4 years. By the end of this food was just going through undigested. *I* finally found what it was on the internet. It was Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). I took about 12 weeks of a specific antibiotic and it cured it. Unfortunately… Read more »


Congratulations! You’ve just killed all the good bugs in your gut. You need to eat fermented foods, prebiotics and probiotics to rebuild your terrain. I would stick with non solid foods (soups, smoothies, herbal teas) for a week or two then slowly bring back a variety of color in your diet. Soups and salads are great and maybe some bone broth. You might want to try cannabis (CBD) to fight the inflammation. If you don’t feed the bad guys, they will leave your body or die. Also try to eat organic and pasture fed if you eat meat. Definitely nothing… Read more »

Alex Tovbin

one of THE best episodes!!!!

Thank you Brian Rose for bringing Dr Michael Greger as a guest!!!


If a person talks about health with a body looks like he never do sport or movement, you should be critical. Even more if the person is 46 age old and looks like over 60. There some points you couldn’t avoid if you are a vegan/plants-based, you have 21 essential amino acid’s and you just can’t get them if you are only eating plants. Sure there is also the thing with B12, but that isn’t that big of a problem like the amino acid’s. The major problem is not that animal protein per se is unhealthy, it’s more about what… Read more »


Thank you for sharing your thoughts, we truly appreciate it.


Holy hell, people on the 21st century… Here you have a doctor in CLINICAL NUTRITION with 18 years of research behind his back, a published bestseller about health and diet, and some stupid dude telling him he looks 60 so he’s wrong while trying to convince our plants don’t have the NINE, NOT TWENTY-ONE essential amino acids (I learnt that in primary school, don’t be ridiculous, please).

I’m a senior student in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences and you don’t even comprehend what a healthy body looks like.


Haha! You tell him! 😀


You die if you don’t get the NINE you are talking about, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need the others to perform well and be healthy.


This doctor in clinical nutrition doesn’t even seem to make the distinction between pasture raised animals and mass produced GMO fed ones. Obviously we need to eat more plants (organic preferably). Ideally 80% of all we eat should be plant base. If you google “what do people over 100 years old eat”.. You’ll see that they don’t all eat just plant. Some even drink alcohol every day!! This equation is a lot more complex then this good doctor says. Our diet is protective but it is not all there is. There is sleep, there is stress, there is physical activity,… Read more »


UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE!!!!!! You have proven beyond any shadow of a doubt– what a fucking ignoramus and vile troll you are!!!!! Jesusfuckingchrist——- What scum you are!!!


Banana, i bet you are another gymrat desperate for a shag with a meaningless appropriated tribal tattoo on your shoulder, guys like you are so tiresome, I see through you and your lack of psychological honesty, i will guarantee 100% your real motivation in life is not health but a dated bullshit macho idea of ‘health’, which in reality is really just ‘sex appeal’…..i.e big muscles, large body size ect purely to appeal to women, i bet that’s your only real motive you just don’t wan’t to admit to yourself and others how much wasted effort your putting in just… Read more »


Wow, couldn’t be more different. I am really skinny and i only got into this health topic because i got sick and researched and tested a lot. I don’t even care about my optic, i found a perfect girl who likes me as i am.

It seems like i shocked your beliefs, because your overreacting and offenting a lot. It’s a bit ironical if a person tells you he is at a higher level and insult you in the same text. That way nobody could take you serious. If you want to discuss, be constructiv and don’t guess out of nowhere…


OMG How old are you? You need to grow up. Chances are, what you’ve just said probably apply to you. Did somebody bully or hurt you? What with the hostility? I sense a lack of self-esteem here..


going bald has nothing to do with the food you eat, that is not proven in the case of male bald pattern. secondly, he doesnt look 60. maybe he is skinny because he likes his body this way he doesnt have to stick to the modern standards of good physique and that does not disprove his theories which is supported by massive literature out there which you can read. at the end healthy is a relative word as he said.


I didn’t said he looks 60 because he is bald, nether i said his theories are not true because of that. I just said you should be sceptical if someone doesn’t lives/look healthy but talks about health. If i would be fat and teach other how to lose weight, that wouldn’t be to trustworthy. Sure there could be reasons, but in most cases it’s better to be more skeptical if someone doesn’t do what he talks about. About his massive literature, i read a lot of them. My biggest concern about that is he didn’t even difference between any qualitiy… Read more »


When I turned vegan cold turkey six years ago for the sake of the animals I had no idea what my next meal would be. And mind you, I was a hard core meat and dairy person. But after a couple of weeks of research things not just became easier but more colorful and fulfilling (nutrition wise) much more then I could have imagined. And during this process Dr. Greger’s nutritionfacts.org was my go-to source to find my way around in this literary new life. And just like Brian said at the end of the interview, what caught my attention… Read more »


So I really liked this talk but I do have some minor issues with it (and pretty much all other discussions about health). For the most part, I enjoyed Michael’s enthusiastic approach to presenting the facts. However, for me, there are still some unanswered questions. In the first part of the talk, he listed off lots of studies that show the amazing ability for plant based diets to reverse disease (and this appears to be his main argument for being on a p.b.d). Later, when Brian mentioned how ketogenic diets can also reverse disease, Michael suggested that just because a… Read more »


Um ketogenic diets are B.S and aren’t proven to reverse disease. U might want to check these serie of video by Vegan Gains, not the most formal way to present this, there’s humor in their as you’d expect by a Youtuber, but everything VG said is backed by solid peer-reviewed science :


So much energy Dr Greger has! Loved the interview. It works!

Jenny Mayola
Jenny Mayola

We’re so glad you loved it! Please feel free to share the video to other people you know. 🙂


4 years ago I started lifting heavy weights and started eating one can of albacore (white) tuna per day … for the extra protein I thought I needed. I was unaware of the medical advice which suggests limiting consumption of albacore tuna to just one can per week to avoid health problems related to chronic mercury poisoning. But I thought fish was healthy and I continued this, and felt great, for 6 months. Then, my health ‘imploded’ with fainting, tinnitus, irregular heartbeat, numbness in my hands and feet, hand tremors, internal bleeding, chronic fatigue …. These symptoms lasted for almost… Read more »


Loved This Interview.. Love Dr. Michael Greger.. and what you said at the end about being called to eat a more plant based diet.. I resonate with this.. I too have been switching to a plant based diet.. for a lot of reasons.. but I agree.. it just feels right.. there is an intelligence in plants.. when I was about 18 0r 19.. I remember saying to myself.. I need to eat foods that are alive.. everyone around me was eating foods that were dead.. meat, flour, sugar.. baked goods.. I wanted more plants.. and fresh whole foods.. which I… Read more »


This was a tough interview. Being familiar with Brian’s laid back style of intervening on LR, as well as Dr. Greger’s enthusiasm, I was somewhat afraid the good doc would just go into his typical lecture style of speaking, and he did. Having followed his YouTube channel for a while now, I didn’t learn anything new, except for the elderberry story. I guess I’m saying I thought there’d be something more interesting about the man and his work. Not some personal deep dark secrets, but something other than the same message. I would’ve liked to have seen his work challenged… Read more »


We already know that unprocessed foods are healthy. He should add that many herbs and spices are known to promote good health and fight inflammation. Does he talk about that? Plant base can mean many things (organic, Gmo’s, carbs and healthy fats ratio, fiber, etc) but we need to keep in mind that everybody is different because of where we start from. Levels of toxicity can vary greatly from one person to the next so what we are trying to do is to build our immune system. Whatever helps is what we need to do. That includes reduce stress, sleep… Read more »


Watch the documentaries “Earthlings” and “Cowspiracy” to complement with animal and environmental ethical issues as well. Watch in YouTube “the best speech of Gary Yourofsky”. And your consciousness will change by sure. You will not be the same.

João Alpoim

I’m tired of lying to myself. Going vegan today and I’m not looking back. Already tried for 2 weeks and felt amazing. There are amazing super athletes like clarence kennedy on a plant based diet. I won’t kill animals directly anymore


Good for you Joao good luck mate!


This is a wonderful interview. The sincerity, knowledge and passion of Dr. Greger is obvious. The message is commonsensical and life-saving. What’s not to like about this interview? I love this doctor and I love this interview.