Dr Joe Vitale – Master the Law of Attraction

Dr. Joe Vitale is a spiritual teacher and author known for his appearance in the hit movie THE SECRET.

He has written 70 books that include the best sellers The Attractor Factor and Zero Limits, which dives into the Hawaiian practice for wealth, health and peace.

He is best known for his ideas on the laws of attraction, abundance mentality, and hypnotic language.

00:00 Trailer.
03:41 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
05:43 Brian’s introduction.
06:08 Joe’s impressions on his first visit to London.
06:48 Why he lives in Austin, Texas.
07:40 Why the film The Secret attracted so much attention.
11:48 The film’s message and Joe’s answer to its detractors.
14:46 How to take initial steps towards mastering the law of attraction.
18:44 Why most people have so much negativity, fear, and worry in their lives.
20:07 Creating and using imagery.
23:02 Is it wrong to have materialistic goals?
27:33 Is money the root of all evil?
34:10 “You change your beliefs, you change your reality.”
35:04 “Life is an optical illusion – what you see is based on your beliefs.”
39:06 Training the brain to see the positivity.
41:18 “We are spiritual beings. What we really want is right now, at this moment.”
47:02 Grant Cardone said, “Poor people are selfish.” Having been poor, does Joe agree?
51:51 Making excuses to escape the reality of taking responsibility for your own beliefs.
54:17 When you cannot find something to which you have an emotional involvement.
55:51 What Joe means in using the word hypnotic.
59:53 What the Hawaiian practice is.
1:07:33 The reaction to his teaching of the Hawaiian practice.
1:11:12 Joe’s view on the current state of the world.
1:13:27 How has he managed to write 76 books and produce 15 music albums despite having a busy life.
1:15:04 What it has been like to be a musician.
1:16:34 He is also bending bolts.
1:18:47 Joe’s daily routine.
1:21:42 Best and worst days of his life.
1:24:54 What scares him.
1:25:50 What is Joe’s superpower.
1:26:37 What keeps him awake at night.
1:26:56 What he would still like to achieve in his lifetime.
1:28:20 What Joe plans to be doing in five years time.
1:29:23 Phone call to the 20-year-old Joe Vitale.
1:30:23 Success Secrets.
1:33:01 Brian’s summing up.

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great stuff Brian i love the movie the secret i find it really deep


He really did just say that those who suffered during the Holocaust attracted it. He did. HE never put it in one sentence but it was like ok first help them but then look at what happened to attract that. He said groups can have beliefs that attract negatives…No one commented on this…starts at around 52:40


Amazing interview!


Loved this. Thank you!


Great interview,thank you.


Hola Brian mi nombre es Francys, sus vídeos son fascinantes y me encantan. Me gustaría hacerle una petición: ¿existe la posibilidad de colocarle a sus vídeos subtítulos en español?. Le estaré eternamente agradecida. Bendiciones desde Caracas, Venezuela.

Hello Brian my name is Francys, his videos are fascinating and I love them. I would like to make a request: is there the possibility of placing subtitles in Spanish on your videos? I will be eternally grateful. Blessings from Caracas, Venezuela.


Excellent Interview I really enjoyed the questions, they were totally different than the mainstream questions that usually get asked enabling us to get a closer look at Joe Vitale


I’ve followed Dr. V for years – since first reading his book on PT Barnum – thanks London Real!