Dr Jane Goodall – Wild At Heart

Dr. Jane Goodall is a primatologist, ethologist, and anthropologist who revolutionised the way we understand the animal kingdom by observing wild chimpanzees.

A United Nations Messenger of Peace, Jane Goodall is one of the most respected members of the world scientific community.

In 1957 at the age of 23 she sailed to Kenya and later travelled to Tanzania to live in the wild with a colony of chimpanzees. There she made groundbreaking discoveries regarding the use of tools, hunting behaviour, leadership, emotions and language.

00:00 Trailer.
02:18 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
05:26 Brian’s Introduction.
06:09 Early childhood desire to live with animals and write books about them.
06:44 Dr Doolittle a treasured book from childhood.
07:49 Early understanding and communication with animals.
08:19 A 1940’s childhood.
12:01 Jane’s Mother to whom she attributes everything.
13:37 Inspirational woman.
14:05 A love of books fuelling a desire to live with wild animals in the wilderness.
14:55 Sir Winston Churchill’s role in leading the UK through the war.
16:06 A lifeline for the post war young woman with a burning desire to go to Africa to be with the animals.
17:53 To Kenya via the Cape and witnessing apartheid.
19:43 Jane enjoyed being an attractive, flirtatious young woman.
20:26 Meeting Louis Leakey for the first time.
22:05 Two girls alone encounter a rhinoceros and a lion.
25:24 Coolness in lion incident leads to post to study chimpanzees in Gombe.
26:16 A momentous breakthrough with the chimpanzees.
27:41 Patience is one of her greatest virtues.
28:06 Beauty and The Beast a global sensation and being a CoverGirl.
30:05 At Cambridge University Jane’s views on head versus heart scientific research.
34:17 Study of chimpanzees discovering how early human behaviour came from ancient primate past.
38:23 What part fear played in her close encounters with the chimpanzees.
39:59 Receiving a big hug from a chimpanzee.
41:38 Using her gift of communication.
42:08 Roots and Shoots her international Youth programme doing such important work.
45:26 Young people with big ideas, getting out there and doing something for the future of their world.
47:03 ‘This planet can provide for human need, but not human greed.’
49:24 What has been achieved in working with villages around the Gombe and across Africa.
51:34 Using Global Forest Watch.
52:42 Governments owned by big business, thwarting good ideas.
53:52 Jane’s biggest challenges now.
55:37 A lot of people think that having hope is crazy.
56:45 Who Jane thinks of as successful people and the values she likes in people.
58:30 Where she goes for spiritual healing.
59:42 Why people listen to Jane’s message.
1:02:01 Positive advice to those who feel hopeless and helpless in the face of the magnitude of the problems facing the world today.
1:03:42 Jane’s reasons for being a vegetarian and would be vegan.
1:05:36 Phone call to the 20 year old Jane Goodall.
1:06:41 Best advice ever received.
1:07:34 Advice to the 20 year olds of today.
1:08:39 Very optimistic that we will make a difference in the window of time left to save the planet.
1:09:44 Brian’s summing up.

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Such an inspiration!!! Beautiful human being.


What a legend. She is one of my personal mentors. What an amazing person she is.

Dominic Jones

I had this interview playing in the background whilst my daughter was playing. Hopefully she was as inspired as i was.
Dr Goodall was an enchanting guest. Thank you.


Even if she wasn’t consciously inspired, she’ll have been subconsciously programmed; which is even better. 🙂

Aude Debenest

What a role-model! The education programmes, the tracking device to protect trees from illegal logging, the chimpanzee corridor and how those projects are embraced by the population, it gives me so much hope I am moved to tears. Her messages need to be heard by the largest numbers. Brian I also like how you have adapted your pace and tone of voice to hers and how you respected even her silences, it was an amazing interview.

Jenny Mcculloch
Jenny Mcculloch

Simple values and make a difference every day with eating, the products we purchase or don’t and try not to wasteful. She has a clear vision for a better world and she takes her gig around the world educating the young.
Great. Thanks Brian

Lawrence Ampofo

This really is one of the best London Real interviews. Not often I see Brian awed and such an impressive person be so powerful yet softly spoken. Great interview.


She is such an outstanding personality and what she said resonated a lot with me.

Thank you very much for this special interview.

Tonymac Perez

Phenomenal interview!

Aude Tournaye

Thank you for this wonderful interview, Brian. I have seen Jane talk a few times now, in real life and video, but I keep being impressed with her energy. There is a certain calm energy that comes from her and her being in sync with her own values and goals. Another inspiring individual, who has worked with Jane in the past, is Mathieu Ricard. A buddhist monk with French roots who combines perseverance, science and a no-nonsense attitude with kindness and the hope for a better world, just like Jane. For some reason these are the people that resonate with… Read more »


Hello Aude. I just watched a Ted talk from Mathieu Ricard about “How to let altruism be your guide” and I’m going to have a closer look at his website later on. Thank you for bringing him up.
I wish you a great week.

Thomas Ackerman

Was stoked after watching your preview, thank you for this one brian! An amazing woman, with such great stories.

Gabriel Kemeny

Thank you both 🙂

Eltaller Desaul

Love that she is 83 and so sharp.

Julien Maydew

What an incredible women! Her simplicity and her authenticity truly impressed me. And what about her age? I think she looks like 65. Hope she lives long, the world need people like her.

Sylvie Fernandez Robles

Thanks. Such a powerful energy and wisdom, this great lady. Love it!

Swithun Gibbs-kennet

Thanks for having the audio today

lars richter

She is just great! Everyone should listen to this. Thank you!


Absolutely love Jane 🙂 great scientist, great human being

Kristina Berglund

Thanks for this! Just love Jane, listened to the interview with awe. Yes, think it is a good idea to get out of the studio some more, especially when it comes to conversations like this. Gives more space for the guest. ;-). Studio is perfect for business related talks though.

John Robinson

Its remarkable how the small things inspire us. When I was about 7 years old I heard a rather lengthy joke on the radio about a small detachment that went to Borneo. (The premise was that one of the chaps was scared about all the poisonous things and was worried. When he got there he was intolerable and panicked which led him to getting bit by a snake and that really set him off until one of his chums had to knock him out to calm him down. The doctor later diagnosed a non-venomous snake bite and a broken jaw)… Read more »

Matt Harwood

What a beautiful woman, thank you so much for this interview Brian. I felt so much attachment, she spoke very much like my grandmother, and a whole generation of British men and women of deep value. Inspirational!