Dr. Carl Hart – Success Secrets

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John Robinson
Success Habits: (daily routine) -> Exercise regularly. ->Eat the same thing every day (more or less) to use the mental energy of decision elsewhere. ->Smoothie, Beans + Rice ->Listen to great orators – inspire writing and speech. ->Stay ahead of the game. Be on “your” game with neurotic fervour! ->See beyond the official story – CHANGE the official story; BE the official story. ->Read/Listen as often as you can. ->Be a better story teller to get people to listen. ->Hallmark of intelligence; change! Should be changing with better and new information. A success Leap: -> Do something you love doing… Read more »

Awesome guest and words of wisdom.

Juris Baltacs

Love it when people live big lives on their own terms.

Michael Thomas

I liked what he said about doing what you love means you can really immerse your self into it – and that he has no interest in being in the background. I’m drawing some inspiration from that.

Anita Z.

Best quotes: “This is my game! I do what I love! BE HAPPY!”