Dr Ben Goertzel – Will Artificial Intelligence Kill Us?

Dr Ben Goertzel is the Founder and CEO of SingularityNET and Chief Science Advisor for Hanson Robotics.

He is one of the world’s leading experts in Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), with decades of expertise in applying AI to practical problems like natural language processing, data mining, video gaming, robotics, national security and bioinformatics.

He was part of the Hanson team which developed the AI software for the humanoid Sophia robot, which can communicate with humans and display more than 50 facial expressions.Today he also serve as Chairman of the AGI Society, the Decentralized AI Alliance and the futurist nonprofit organisation Humanity+.

00:00 Trailer.

02:49 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.

04:12 Brian’s introduction.

04:57 The difference in AI development terms between England and Asia.

09:49 The early years of AI and AGI to its present-day applications, posing the question what is the limit?

15:36 When AIs are vastly more intelligent than humans the future is irreducible uncertainty.

20:36 Early stage super intelligence use needs to be for positivity and benevolence not for killing and spying.

23:28 Will the early intelligences have some type of consciousness and a human type evolution?

28:59 The mind-boggling future 40 or 50 years from now, you may have two options,

37:58 Will AI have the ability of developmental values as humans?

44:02 Selling, killing, Spying and Gambling on which big business AIPGs are focussed, disturbs Ben.

51:40 What Ben thinks of Bitcoin and Blockchain.

56:07 Singularity will happen sooner or later and with it chips in your head and the 3D printed children.

1:05:46 The scary possibility of a dystopian world.

1:14:53 Preparedness of African continent for a future with AI.

1:17:05 People are not prepared for singularity, yet they have already adopted some developments.

1:19:00 Will robot armies be the future of combat between countries?

1:22:39 Why the West is pessimistic for the future and the East is hopeful.

1:24:19 Why Ben lives in Hong Kong, sees life in China contrary to Western perception.

1:36:26 How his company is marketing AI products with companies across the world.

1:40:16 Ben believes we have no idea what the fundamental basis of our reality is.

1:41:49 He hopes to live forever or for his offspring to work out how to reincarnate him.  

1:42:00 Is he up for 3D printing any children?

1:46:01 How Ben’s talks are received.

1:50:27 Ben’s daily routine.

1:52:45 What is his superpower.

1:56:02 Best and worst days of his life.

1:58:39 What scares Ben.

2:01:10 What we would be surprised to learn about Ben.

2:02:53 What keeps him awake at night.

2:04:35 Phone call to the 20 years old Ben Goertzel

2:06:45 What Ben’s psychedelic experiences have taught him about the future world.

2:10:10 Success secrets.

2:11:02 Advice to the 20 years old listening

2:12:20 Why Ben really wants the younger generation to be knowledgeable and aware of the future reality.

2:15:35 Brian’s summing up.


Ben Goertzel website

Ben Goertzel TEDx talks 1

Ben Goertzel TEDx talks 2

Ben Goertzel TEDx talks 3

Ben Goertzel on Linkedin

Ben Goertzel on Twitter

Ben Goertzel on Wikipedia


SingularityNet Blog

SingularityNet on Twitter

SingularityNet on YouTube

SingularityNet on Facebook

SingularityNet on Telegram

The Singularity (documentary)

SingularityNet Studio

Hanson Robotics

Sophia-Hanson Robotics





The End of the Beginning: Life, Society and Economy on the Brink of the Singularity

Creating Internet Intelligence: Wild Computing, Distributed Digital Consciousness and the Emerging Global Brain

Probabilistic Brain Networks: A Comprehensive Framework for Uncertain Inference

The Structure of Intelligence: A New Mathematical Model of Mind (Recent Research in Psychology)

Artificial General Intelligence (Cognitive Technologies)

Chaotic Logic:  Language, Though and Reality from the Perspective of Complex Systems Science

From Complexity to Creativity: “Explorations in Evolutionary, Autopoietic, and Cognitive Dynamics

The Path to Posthumanity:  Aspects of Near-future Science and Technology


Topics discussed:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)


Natural Language Processing

Data Mining



AGI Society

Future of Life


Mountain View, California

Facebook AI

Baidu research


Artificial Intelligence Postgraduate studies (AIPG)

Project Athena

Godel, Escher, Bach:  An Eternal Golden Braid by Douglas Hofstadter

Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies by Nick Bostrom

Digital electronic computer

Quantum computing

Bit Time


Library Genesis (LibGen)



Raspberry Pi



Smart contract



Libra (cryptocurrency)



Her (film)


People mentioned in this episode:

Shane Legg

Marvin Minsky

Elon Musk

Peter Thiel

Nick Bostram

Ray Kurzweil

Jocko Willink

Ted Goertzel



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AI would stop people to DIE… very hilarious and dangerous… !!!


I wish they discussed a bit on Elon Musk and Neralink’s new BMI chip the N1.


you should interview some one from Africa on the next episode of london real


I saw that robot in the tech series Silicon Valley


Thank you for this great talk and optimistic worldview. Will definitely look more into Dr Ben Goertzel’s work.


In my opinion he does not really care about AI allowing humans to survive or thrive after the singularity, he is simply obsessed with the singularity happening, period.


This was great!! Thank you


Hello all, Ben seems like an incredibly intelligent and good hearted individual. At the same time he is obsessed with creating this thing in a way that seems to me to leave massive blind spots. I struggle to understated how a machine or AI can have compassion and love. In my experience compassion and love come form our humanity, our suffering, the fact that we all die. It also seems located in the intelligence of heart based unified consciousness, where as the intelligence of machines I understand more as an extension or reflection of our left brained pure calculating dualistic… Read more »

Issa Yalcouye

Mindblowing. Thank you for this mind-expanding interview.


I always enjoy listening to Ben and this interview was no exception. I would have to say that this is one of the best interviews that I’ve heard, kudos to the interviewer.

Ernest Buckley

Ive learned not to call anything impossible anymore after the current POTUS getting elected. With that said, I found many aspects of this interview troubling and hard to imagine. For example, if AI were to take over, it sounds like it will be a hell of a lot smarter than us and the logical conclusion itll come to is, Im better off without these disease ridden parasites. Then what? Global extension of humanity? If not that, lets say AI does figure out how to end starvation, disease, etc... then what for humans? What the hell do we do with our… Read more »


So I’ve been wasting the past hour trying to watch this video but not matter what i do i can’t seem to get it t just PLAYYYYY. 1it’s absolutely driving me up the wall has anybody else experienced this issue? And if so any suggestions on how to deal with it? I feel like this was a sort of bait and switch to get my data. I mean considering facebook AND google are involved it makes sense in a way but COME OONNN…. I have tried different browsers and even virtual machines but no luck… :/ Am I just blacklisted… Read more »


why dont you add subtitles

oliver dawson

Super clever person, might have to re-listen. pretty at peace with rolling the dice of the evolution of earthlings, but perhaps this is partly because he is 100% convinced singularity will happen and as such he wants to help it unfold in a good way. be nice if humans could save the planet ourselves but the opposite seem to be happening, could machine help? could it be the end of humanity ? dunno


what can happen will happen,man has an innate impulse to just go into the uknown, its not in the majority of people,but its there.So really its never been an issue of should we do it, but how to do it right


By far one of the best interviews of the last decade. It’s funny though how Brian gets uncomfortable from certain points of view that dr Goertzel express. His reactions to those views and his following snappy comebacks from the moral high grounds are at times on the borderline propaganda.
Yet, I enjoyed this conversation very much as Dr Goertzel seems to be one of the smartest people on Earth.


It is hard to grasp what Ben is saying, but this talk gives me pause as to how a demagogue like Trump and his cadre would use this advancement to his short-term, short-sighted purpose and foster a nuclear conflagration before AI advantages for Humankind can take hold. These times need compassionate, visionary leaders to foster in the transition, yet authoritarian, narcissistic leaders are gripping the world rapidly. God save us from such destructive forces in this time of transition.


Great interview,thanks for another insightful eye opener brian..but after hearing Stephen jenkinson,greg g bradden,how dispenz a and gabormate,I can say I’m more optimistic in natural human potentials and growth as it is evolving with our empathy and wisdom and knowledge of spirit,non physical ascpects to reality and our real potential which exists already but we’re just starting to connect and explore with science and our current understanding…thanks and much respect stephen.


Brian rose. I love what your doing for humanity.
Thanks for shedding some light onto this subject.

But when that is said. I think Ben Goertzel is a DISGUSTING human being for bringing this A.I. into our world. He is No Better than a man creating biological weapons such as ticks spreading Lyme disease. Why would you create such a thing ?

Remember what David icke said about it All.

Much Love ❤️

Jure Rajer

Some points to consider: a current state of the world can be vastly improved with the AI. Human spirit cannot stop it’s desire to adapt and improve and explore and learn. It’s not that Ben is the “human being that brought AI in into our world” and at the end he emphasized this point really well. We have not invented AI all of a sudden one day. It started thousands or even millions of years ago (or billions if you go low enough)… Then one day we had words. And math. And tools and weapons. And books and then computers.… Read more »


When referenced with the bible, this is 100% THE Satanic agenda….oh, for all you atheists out there; atheism IS a religion


This is so true. Thank you for mentioning it 🙏❤️

Hamish Mclauchlan

This is the coolest shit I’ve ever heard. Thanks Brian.

Jenny Mayola
Jenny Mayola

Glad to know that you enjoyed this episode Hamish!