Dorian Yates – Into The Shadow – Redux London Real

Professional Bodybuilder and 6 time Mr. Olympia winner Dorian Yates sat down with London Real in January 2013 to discuss how his “High Intensity Training” techniques changed the sport, the specifics of his steroid use and its effects, how he psychologically reinvented himself after his abrupt retirement in 1997, and his thoughts on conspiracy theories, psychedelics, and cannabis.

Mastered from the original tapes this episode has been re-released in a “single camera, single person” format.

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I went from not knowing him to becoming his fan..I was transfixed through the entire talk unaware of passage of time. He has a beautiful mind that matches his body.


[…] Dorian Yates – Into The Shadow – Redux London Real […]

E R Robin Dover

Straight-forward, honest and non-sensationalised. I met Dorian in 1993 in Halifax, West Yorkshire. He elicited images of a Rhino (he was so huge) when he walked into the gym that evening. When we spoke, he spoke to me with respect and although he was Mr. Olympia, I detected no ego. I am so pleased to see where he has evolved as a human being. Dorian – if you ever want to spend a bit of time in New Mexico, just let me know. I’m a friend of Billy Payne… another tremendous British athlete. Good on you, Dorian. I think you’ve… Read more »

manish sahu

Top notch interview but the GUY on the left for the whole interview with that twisted face and raised eyebrows saying – Dorian, what are you saying man, you are freaking me out. LOL.

Uwe Rieger

Great interview, I brought Dorian to British Columbia, Canada in 1993, for a five-city, seminar tour to help us promote fitness and bodybuilding in Canada. Dorian had just won his 2nd Mr. Olympia a week prior. A that time I was a huge bodybuilding fan myself, but more than that I and hundreds of fans appreciated his honesty and candid way of speaking during all his seminars. It was refreshing to hear someone like him answer questions honestly in seminars and not pretend he had some secret formula. Just two weeks ago I was asked about our 1993 tour with… Read more »

James Myers


Marie Field-Carpenter

Wow wow wow! First off, Dorian Yate’s world is foreign to me and I’d never heard of him. I have now. He is an amazing example of mind mastery and the embodiment of absolute possibilities in action. His frank honesty is straight up and he comes across as solid, dependable and trust worthy. Dorian is a teacher who has many messages worth hearing. Thank you for sharing this fascinating interview with us, it certainly has shifted my perspective! Well done!