Dorian Yates – Inside The Shadow – FULL MOVIE

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Soundtrack By:
DJ Sadhu
Parra For Cuva (Guesstimate music /Project Mooncircle)
Mighty Mystics
Patrick Douglas
SkyRide Records
Ayahuasca visuals by TAS

00:00 Brian’s introduction
06:16 Brian goes in search of what it takes to be six times Mr Olympia.
08:51 Having a purpose and training beyond your comfort zone.
13:06 It’s a notorious leg day and Dorian puts Brian through it.
16:03 Steroid use in bodybuilding.
18:07 Brian learns the secret of success.
20:50 Dorian’s 10 years of total dedication to building his body
24:15 How the young Dorian started to build the dream.
32:06 The beginning of the end of the dream.
34:52 Facing life without his accustomed goal.
37:18 Excessive hedonistic partying.
41:59 Balanced attitude to fame and celebrity.
43:55 Dorian’s use of psychoactive drugs.
52:26 Becoming a new man.
58:30 Physical and spiritual benefits of yoga and meditation.
1:02:36 Dorian is pleased to have found freedom to move on.
1:03:31 Brian keeps his promise.
1:06:31 Gaining good vibrations.
1:07:63 Dorian reflects on what life is all about.
1:10:27 “Yates has lost the plot”. Yes he has and he’s glad.
1:11:48 No easy ride with Dorian.
1:13:05 Dorian congratulates Brian’s achievements.
1:13:50 Keep an open mind and be receptive to change.
1:16:29 What Dorian has taught Brian.