Dereck Chisora – All About The Green

Dereck Chisora is a British professional boxer. He held the British and Commonwealth heavyweight titles from 2010 to 2011; the European heavyweight title from 2013 to 2014; and has challenged once for the WBC heavyweight title, in 2012.


00:00 Trailer
01:25 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
04:28 Brian’s introduction.
05:04 I’ll fight anyone, anywhere, any time.
11:24 Why boxing is losing out to MMA.
16:50 Conor McGregor and the future of the UFC.
18:48 Dereck’s press conference game.
21:54 Growing up in Zimbabwe.
27:53 You’ve got to have the heart.
39:40 Future fights Dereck wants if he wins the proposed Dillian rematch.
41:57 Dereck’s mental and physical preparation before a fight,
49:12 Promoters suck the blood out of athletes, Dereck hates them.
58:00 Dereck says Chris Eubank Jr. is doing well as he knows his worth.
1:00:57 Does Dereck deserve his bad boy image?
1:05:29 Dereck’s thoughts on Floyd Mayweather Jr., and proposed fight with Conor McGregor.
1:08:22 Will Dereck fight Fedor Emelianenko in Bellator.
1:09:27 Success secrets.
1:10:19 Who Dereck thinks of as successful.
1:11:22 How Dereck measures his own success.
1:13:57 The greatest boxer in history in Dereck’s view.
1:18:07 Who suspected this of Dereck?
1:19:04 Dereck’s favourite book and music tastes.
1:22:26 Cold hearted Dereck Chisora bans his mother from his fights.
1:24:06 Phone call to the 20 year old Dereck Chisora.
1:25:02 Best advice Dereck ever received.
1:25:52 Can we expect future exciting press conferences?
1:28:54 Advice to young man who really wants to be a heavyweight champion.
1:31:47 What Dereck wants to do when next he meets Dillian Whyte in the ring.
1:36:28 Brian’s summing up.