David Graeber – Success Secrets

David Graeber has had such an impact as a thinker and a high-profile activist and it seems you guys are really resonating with his story.

He’s also got his own ‘anarchist’s cookbook’ of tips, advice and wisdom on how to stay productive through challenges and difficult times.

His Success Secrets are fascinating because he is has managed to to turn what most people would think of as negatives – procrastination, too many commitments, losing his family – into his biggest advantages.

Here’s what you can expect from this fascinating part of the interview:

  • Why procrastination can actually work to your advantage – IF you’re smart about it!
  • How juggling commitments actually helps him get things done
  • David’s writing routine and how he organises his research
  • How to keep your reading routine flexible 
  • David’s very POLITICAL concept of success
  • Why we believe things that are ‘real but not true’
  • How a sense of duty to others keeps him motivated
  • Why he found it EASY to quit smoking!
  • Why being too trusting in others is his biggest weakness
  • How he used his work ethic to get him through tough times

Based on what you’ve heard from David, I want to know what is a big a negative affecting your life right now, and how can you turn it to your advantage so you can be more productive TODAY?

Leave your comments below. I look forward to hearing your ideas!


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Interesting idea of having multiple useful ‘excuse’ projects which all contribute to different aspects of your goals. Not as effective as staying focussed, but still you are making progress.

James Black

I like it! He’s actually very focused, it’s just a matter of ‘trick-fucking’ your mind into productivity. Smart 🙂