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Daniel Priestley – Success Secrets

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This was great. My attention was grabbed almost immediately. It was like having my mind read. I currently work in a brokerage model. I know that this model is just a phase toward my longer term goals of buying, holding, & creating intellectual property. Being a reseller has its advantages for now but does not build equity.


Thanks so much, some amazing stuff!
The advice about hiring funding consultants really struck a cord – Other people are 100x better at some things than you, let them do it…

Elliot Napier

Loved the entire interview, has such a down to earth perspective on entrepreneurship. Really made me think about writing a book! πŸ™‚


I’m a fan of Success Secrets! Daniel’s wisdom is appreciated. I have to read his book after “Getting Things Done”.

Chris F

great stuff Brian – love the fact that Daniel talks about how important the creativity process is – in particular that a ‘process’ is key for it to generate effective results.
btw Dave Grohl will be in the UK for Glastonbury next month as they are headlining the Friday night


ThatΒ΄s pure gold!! Thanks Brian. Common mention of successful people is the higher that are your good times you will experience some of your lowest low points. I wander being able to deal with them is an innate quality or something that you can learn and rewire your brain?

For what I read it is possible to toughen up yourself by setting small increments in your challenges, although I saw people that they will not deal with it (I hope not to be one of them…)

What do you think LondonReals?

Marc Schulz

You should definitely think about getting Dave Grohl on the Show too. Awesome, smart n really friendly dude. Check out the “Sonic Highways” TV show if you havent yet πŸ™‚

Cem Yildiz

So glad to hear him poo poo the whole “legacy” BS, it’s so egocentric. Everything and everyone will disapear in time, you might as well make use of the impact you can have now!