Daniel Priestley – Key Person Of Influence

Daniel Priestley is the mastermind behind Entrevo, an organisation that calls itself ‘an entrepreneur growth accelerator’. It’s aim? To help key people of influence get connected and get creating. This week, he appears on London Real to share some of the valuable insight that he has gained from his own entrepreneurial experience. Daniel is about promoting knowledge and has written best-selling books as well as toured as an international speaker.

A believer in what he calls the ‘entrepreneur revolution’, Daniel himself abandoned the standard career route from the young age of 21. Within 5 years he had launched his own event marketing and management business worth millions. The model and appetite for creating business and building success was replicated in several new start-ups he set up in the UK, Australia and Asia.

Not only an entrepreneur but a passionate supporter of major charities, specifically Peace One Day and The Hunger Project, Daniel will change how you think about yourself and your business with some of the most fascinating insight we’ve had on the show. Don’t miss it!

00:00 Trailer.
06:07 Brian’s introduction.
06:08 Where Daniel first noticed the 5 Ps used by people we think have “made it”.
11:38 Publishing. Why write a book?
13:22 Propriety of content, share your ideas openly.
16:20 The degree of your clarity of what people want done in the world is the degree to which you create product.
19:45 Profile. Attracting opportunities that are right for you.
23:57 Belief behind partnerships.
26:11 Syntax of the 5 Ps.
29:04 Writing ‘Key Person of Influence’ and discovery made in the process.
34:47 Helping people discover their own perspective.
40:00 What is it like running a coaching company?
42:15 Five stages of the entrepreneurial journey.
1:04:34 Writing the book. The book is the process of identifying intellectual property.
1:16:49 ‘Oversubscribed’, why write this book?
1:23:11 What Daniel learnt from publishing the book.
1:28:46 Success secrets
1:29:22 Phone call to the 20 year old Daniel.
1:32:03 What is the relationship between Australians and English people?
1:33:48 Best advice ever received.
1:36:55 Advice to the 20 year old who wants to be a Key Person of Influence.
1:38:33 Brian’s summing up.

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Ray Bacchus
Ray Bacchus

Best Audio book
I’ve ever bought
Done KPI test
Got some work to do

Stevie JT
Stevie JT

Brian, just watched this after doing your social media webinar. Thanks for the tip. Fantastic interview. So much information there.

Erik Unger
Erik Unger

An interesting thing I observed about partnerships: the more you move toward typical Silicon Vally tech startups, the less their success is based on classical business partnerships. It’s even general accepted advice in that space to not wast time on partnerships but concentrate all energy on the solution for the customer. But I guess the partnership part is here in the relationship between startup and investors. The investors put in the money so that the startup can be laser focused on developing what ever they need for the customer, so they don’t have to get it through other business partnerships.… Read more »

Malcolm Larri

One of the best interviews on London Real – SO MUCH GOLD HERE!
Many thanks Brian.

Sheila Tan
Sheila Tan

Love this!

Brian Pechan
Brian Pechan

This interview is packed full of so much amazing information! I loved every minute! Thank you Brian and Daniel

andy tracey

really like this
did not even think from this perspective

Adam Marc Williams

I feel like I’ve just had a penny drop moment watching this interview and purchased the book on Amazon immediately! I’ve been a long time reader of blogs like Tim Ferriss & Ramit’s I Will Teach You To Be Rich but always find so much of the specific business advice to be tailored to automated products/passive income & info products (especially with Ramit). I’m (currently) not interested in that. I’m a fashion photographer and I want to be active, working on projects every week and doing what I love but I’m sick of being in the “wilderness” stage, constantly hustling… Read more »

Daphne Diluce

Fantastic interview loved it… especial as I know Daniel… he is very sincere, a great man.
I am a KPI and it’s the best thing I have done in a long time.

Recently I found London Real… so far it is awesome <3


Ahh… what a pleasure watching this !!, will read the books as well.

Pamela D.
Pamela D.

Fantastic interview! I did not realize that about Branson… so much I need to learn!

Alex Tovbin

One of the best interviews!
Thank you brian.

Craig Bevan

I am still soaking this interview in, its one of those I will be taking notes on. Great insights 🙂

David Sweetnam

After one or two interviews recently that I didn’t even finish, this one brings things back to top form. Was really listening in the whole time.

Interesting that you didn’t highlight the difference between Tai Lopez’s approach (read books to get information) with Daniel’s (that information isn’t anything really special).

The other episodes which I’ve liked the most recently were Hayley and the one on future crimes.

Great show!

Jure Šutar

Another great episode! A lot of new ideas to think about =)

P.S. Looking forward to you book Brian 😉

Steve Bivans

Man, I’ve been thinking since the first time I wateched your show that you need to write your f’n story! WRITE THE BOOK ALREADY! Tell your story, the whole story, and don’t forget to ask yourself, ‘WHY do I do what I do?’ What is your purpose? Just do it; I’ll buy it, and I’ll pass the world, as I have for the show.

Marc Schulz

Just ordered his book. Really interesting dude n topic. I am Still trying to figure out a lot of my strengths and weaknesses and it feels like that book/tools could be useful. Good call on the writing a book part!

Jonathan Waller

Some really interesting analogies and make sense too, wished Brian had asked Daniel if the analogies where a result of a mixture of psychedelic compounds, unicorns and travelling through deserts, love it.