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Dandapani – Master Your Mind

Dandapani is a Hindu priest, speaker on self development and an entrepreneur. Of Sri Lankan ancestry, he grew up in Australia and after graduating university with a degree in Electrical Engineering he left it all behind to become a Hindu monk under the guidance of one of Hinduism’s foremost spiritual leaders of our time, Sivaya Subramuniyaswami. For 10 years he lived a life of serious personal discipline and training at his guru’s cloistered monastery in Hawaii.

00:00 Trailer.
02:18 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
05:54 Brian’s Introduction.
07:24 Seeking the right guru from an early age.
08:41 Early attraction to being a monk.
12:13 Seeking enlightenment.
13:06 Meeting his guru Suvaya Subramuniyaswami.
16:39 Learning a tool set for life.
18:17 Burning bridges to have 10 years in a monastery.
19:52 Why the need for a Hindu monastic life.
22:20 Is it going to be about levitating and going through walls?
24:17 Daily life in his monastery.
27:13 The pain of being with yourself and what your learn from that.
30:04 What Dandapani’s guru said to him when he struggled.
32:07 Taught how to do the basic things of human life.
36:04 Learn to create a lifestyle to support meditation.
40:17 Happiness is not a goal.
41:07 Ask people what their purpose is in life and they don’t know.
44:49 The process of getting to know yourself.
51:19 An unsettling time in the monastery after his guru dies.
54:39 The trauma of leaving the monastery for Los Angeles.
1:00:12 How to use affirmations beneficially.
1:07:53 “Where awareness goes, energy flows”
1:09:24 Life for an ex monk in New York.
1:11:39 Learn to simplify your life.
1:16:56 How employers should deal with their employees lack of concentration.
1:20:17 How we can learn to concentrate.
1:21:32 A traumatic event can be an amazing opportunity for change and growth.
1:24:59 Reason for building an Ashram in Costa Rica.
1:27:40 How does Dandapani judge his own success?
1:33:46 How he judges successful people and uses them as role models.
1:36:01 Dandapani’s unmissable daily practice.
1:37:24 Success secrets.
1:40:05 Is celibacy hard?
1:42:56 What he has changed his mind about in the last year.
1:46:18 Phone call to the 20 year old Dandapani.
1:47:14 Best advice ever received.
1:49:14 Advice to the young person trying to find out what they want to do in life.
1:51:56 Brian’s summing up.

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Sia Nadjimi

Very good and mindful selection of questions.


I would love to listen to this but that loud music is distracting and and gives me a headache. Can I find this somewhere else with just the voices.

talk was good and informative, interesting but surprise to hear from Dandapani that life is finite. and telling that he is an Hindu monk. Hinduism tells lot about soul. How a life of a soul can be finite. It is infinite and eternal. Life of body is not the life for a Hindu. We are beyond mind. All the stuff Dandapani talks is about mind how to channel it etc but never talks who want to do it. From his point we are just the mind. And he is planing for Stuff to satisfy ego. Should a monk make ego… Read more »

My friend Yoga never talks about aatma and parmatma. I never talks about anything which isn’t in your experience. And when something which isn’t in your experience how your gonna work on that? You can only work with what you have now. Your body, your mind, your emotions and your energy these are the only thing which exists into your experience and you can only work through them. Did you learned counting first or calculus?


Good morning! In between Dandapani mentioned about regrouping and learning in sleep. I would like to know about this aspect of training. Good day.


Simply Brilliant teachings with practical tools. I highly recommend it to all inspired Souls 🙏🏾


I think this would be my life changing moment .

Angelo Nasso

What a great interview.

Jenny Mayola

Glad to know you enjoyed this episode Angelo! Thanks! 🙂




Loved the conversation and insights!


Thank You***

Jenny Mayola

You’re welcome! 🙂


Absolutely mind blowing. Thank you so so much for this!! 😘 😘


Thank you so so much for this!!!

Jenny Mayola

You’re welcome! Please feel free to share with people important to you! 🙂


Real nice basic life teachings, kinda going back to basics. I believe this is a must watch for every teenager in this generation.

Jenny Mayola

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Feel free to share it people important to you. 🙂


amazing man so simple and ofcourse you Brian

Felipe Bernardo Theodoro

Wow, what a great interview we have here. Really insightful, rich, really really good questions, fluid. I am blessed to have access to this. Thank you very much Brian for all your work and Dandapani for such wonderful presence, teachings and attitude towards life that made this interview possible.

I am looking forward to implement the teachings and learn more about him, AND be even more in tune with the show.



So grateful I came across this interview on YouTube and decided to listen further. I’ll save this to watch again and let it all sink in even more. Thanks so much for sharing!


Thanks a lot for creating this video… Thank you


Is there a way to see this video it doesn’t play regardless of setting changes Virgilcash@gmail.com thank you

I am so grateful I found this video!!! I became ill and noticed I was relapsing because I let my practices go to the waste side! Almost everything Dandapani was saying I have Incorporated into my life, except the last part about knowing your destination 😂 I can not tell you how many times I have jumped in my car and just driven wherever I was pulled to, and I must say most times they were magical experience … So maybe that’s something that I need to practice , focusing on a destination and knowing that it will be just… Read more »

Can’t play video
I want to watch this interview


FEEDBACK: video player… you cant adjust the resolution on the iphone X mobile to stop the player from hanging up


FEEDBACK: video player… you cant adjust the resolution (my iphone X) thru (mobile site) to stop the player from hanging up


FEEDBACK: video player… you cant adjust the resolution (my iphone X) thru (mobile site) to stop the player from hanging up…icon doesnt show just your instructions


Thank you !!!!