Dan Pena – Live Q&A | The 50 Billion Dollar Man Movie Premiere

I know from experience that the $50 Billion Dollar Man pulls no punches.

But even I was shocked by how the Q&A of our Dan Pena movie premiere went down.

Until now only those who attended the exclusive event saw Dan offer to fight anyone in the room…

…brand climate change complete bullshit…

…and predict which countries Trump would soon bomb back to the stone age.

And now our most explosive conversation ever is available in full.

Watch the $50 Billion Dollar Man set London’s exclusive Curzon Mayfair ablaze as we discuss:

What it really takes for YOU to succeed
His hopes for ME!
Why the banks prove climate change is BULLSHIT
Why you should adopt a Dan Pena attitude to life
What you can learn from his most successful ever student Klaus Kleinfeld
His willingness to fight any two people in the room (at the age of 72)
“Fuckerberg” type leaders
Why London Real is better than Facebook
Relating to psychopaths
The REAL leadership spectrum
Why he embraced social media in the end
Why you should focus on the few not the many
Why he created a Snowflake Test you should take

Leave your comments down below for Dan Pena about some of the topics he discussed.



00:00 Trailer.
01:51 Brian’s thoughts on the Q&A session.
04:18 Brian’s introduction.
10:40 Enter the 50 billion dollar man, Dan Pena.
11:41 Dan’s verdict on the film made about him and his influence on Brian and London Real.
14:57 Who in the audience will pull the trigger on their life?
18:42 Dan questions the audience’s ambition suggesting the Snowflake and QLA for dummies tests.
24:06 Brian introduced Dan to the concept of free content on the internet.
25:36 Relationships with a high performance person.
30:22 Dan’s advice is to wake up to what is happening in America.
31:57 Your parents are to blame for your lack of self-esteem and ambition.
36:54 Why Dan continues to be a high performance coach with ambition to be the trillion dollar man.
44:04 Dan throws down the gauntlet to his detractors.
44:37 Introduction to Dan’s wife Sally and recollections of his father.
48:14 The three things Donald Trump has not done, so far.
51:46 Why Dan thinks this is a time of generational wealth.
58:22 Are we raising children to have less backbone than previous generations.
1:03:26 Only try to make money doing something you are passionate about and after good research.
1:05:01 Dan takes on the controversial subject of global warming.
1:10:44 Dan’s opinion of crypto currencies.
1:12:29 Final thoughts from Dan.

Dan Peña links:
Dan Peña website
Dan Peña on YouTube
Dan Peña on Wikipedia
Dan Peña The $50 Billion Dollar Man film

Dan Pena – The $50 Billion Man – Full Movie

Just F*cking Do It

Dan Pena – Just F*cking Do It

Dan Peña’s Book:
Your First 100 Million

Topics discussed:
The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care by Dr Benjamin Spock
The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump

People mentioned in this Q&A:
Mark Zuckerberg
George S Patton
Dwight D Eisenhower
Henry Kissinger
Carl von Clausewitz
Adolf Hitler
Jack Welch
Steve Jobs
Elon Musk
Bill Gates
Steve Ballmer
Donald Trump
Klaus Kleinfeld
Usain Bolt
Vladimir Putin
Jamie Dimon
Warren Buffett
Barack Obama
Rick Scott

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The earth is not 13.8 billion years old Dan thats the Universe, the earth is 4,5 billion years old

Marc Frommhold
The Movie and the Q&A made by Saturday Evening, Was working on my Dream today and remembered this morning Brian Rose preparing for the Ironman. So after doing my job I checked the website and finally had the time to watch this fantastic quality content. It is so true how we are not living our full potential and claiming to be successful but what we are actually doing, thanks for this eye opener Brian and Team. I will put more work in my dream to make the life I deserve and to people who might be shocked about my change,… Read more »
Michael Granger

Who is the Music Supervisor for this Documentary? They did a fantastic job! Thank you for putting in 100% of yourself to make this as good as it is!! Well Done!!


Who is the part-time actress that asked the question about Global Warming?
She was clearly a plant. Bravo, some nice acting by her, Dan & Brian.


Dan Pena,one of a kind…..Loved part about parents,briliant !!!!!!!!!


Awesome interview with the legend Dan Pena!


Did he say the earth was 13,8 billion years old, thats the universe i think the earth is 4,5 billion years old

mike dubai

Great job Brian, have seen you evolve over that last couple of years and i have been a fan of Dan Peña since the 00’s, great movie. Your progress is so obvious and am sure will inspire many.
Congratulations Brian keep kicking ass!


Should probably hire a sound guy and get a compressor. Those audio levels are all over the place.

Rob Worthington

Why isn’t the world full off more people that just speak the truth like Dan. He can be a bit over the top at times but I like his original style. Thanks Londonreal I really need to here what this man had to say about my procrastination and lack of trigger pulling. PEACE!


I swear as freely as Dan, I wish I fucking didn’t sometimes. Global warming has distracted masses of heads, so much more needs as much attention, if not more. Any bombing of Iran will not be at the request of the people of America, no, it’s will be at the request of Israel as Trump and a high percentage of Congress share a pillow with Netanyahu.


I swear as freely as Dan, I wish I fucking didn’t sometimes. Global warming has distracted masses of heads, so much more needs as much attention, if not more.

Vuaj Thao

@1:13:40 I can see this will be one of Dan’s most legendary clips many future humans will watch to for high performance motivation, I don’t know why rationally but intuitively I could foresee this.

There will never be another Dan S Pena, and that’s how it should fucking be!


this man is a sick chode.


Great Q&A


Even when chair was replaced, the metal locking mechanisms were still not pushed into locked position on Dan’s or Brian’s chairs lol, some Health & Safety accidents waiting to happen as it did!


This guy should learn basics on carbon cycle in nature since he denies global warming. Why don’t you host Dr. Steven Greer from siriusdisclosure.com to learn the truth about capitalism and this world we live in. I’ll make it easy for you, there are some great interviews on YouTube


You won’t like this quote by Roger Moore on hunters but it’s absolutely true, this billionare should try compassionate lifestyle and it would make him much happier https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=872775966170250&set=a.800715010043013.1073741843.100003135641277&type=3

Nick Clifford

Roger Moore, the ultimate gentlemen, what a contrast between him & the thug Pena! I’m sure Roger drives a Rolls and wears a three-piece suit too! I’m 55 now, but recall being at boarding school in the 70’s, and feeling so important wearing my 3 piece suit! Haven’t worn one since, they went out of style and now I have other priorities in life. I make a comfortable living and enjoy time with my children, NOTHING can replace that time. Chasing the dollar at their expense? no thanks ! Having said that, I enjoy some of Dan’s messages …

Nick Clifford

Good suggestion Zoran! Or Peter Joseph http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com/ Brian worships this guy a little too much IMO ! Pena is mentally ill in some way, fascinating & perverse to watch, like a car wreck. Can’t wait to watch this and the movie though!!


One of the millions conspiracy nutheads ….

Knock it off with your ignorant BS! There is, through core drilling and geology, evidence of time periods where the CO2 levels were 1,000 times higher than they are now with no measurable change in climate. There is also evidence of times when CO2 was 500 times lower than what we have right now. With no impact on climate. “Carbon cycle”. Lmfao!!! Get over yourself. Global warming has been nothing but bullshit since it’s fabricated inception. Every scientist that retires and no longer has a pension up for ransom or direct benefit from promoting global warming exposes the pure, complete,… Read more »
Vuaj Thao

In 2013, fucking NASA publicly released a scientific article clearly stating CO2 cooled, repeat, CO2 cooled the fucking earth’s atmosphere!!! Then they took it down a month later… cause they too are part of the farce environmental agenda. Anthropogenic Global Warming aka Man-made Global Warming, is all a COMMERCIAL LIE to sell people into investing in so-called green tech businesses! And as Dan had explained, no banking institution would be idiotic enough to loan multi-millions in loans to properties that will be flooded in half a century.


@Zoran Your post is not an argument to what Dan said. Your post is a part-reply to what Dan said. He already replied on how, as a capitalist, how the poor and the earth can benefit. Are you trolling here, @Zoran? It’s just a question.

Ivan Mariano

Thank you for this whole Dan Peña material, is great to hear him speaking without no problems not worried on you linking him…he says truths that all people should hear and meditate on that. I will.

Jenny Mayola

You’re most welcome! Glad to know you enjoyed the show. 🙂