Dan Hardy – Success Secrets

Dan’s evolution is something we can all emulate. He has this amazing perspective on change. He has developed and expanded his awareness enormously in the last two and half years, but you might not notice it.

Dan is not the kind of guy to flaunt his wisdom. He just does the work.


However, there are a few secrets he talked about that really help to keep him on his game.

In this section Dan talks about how:

  • “Good decision-making is not a part-time job”
  • Psychedelics help him connect with himself
  • Meditation helps him control his emotions
  • Musicians and artists are his idea of success
  • Wasting his time worries him
  • He feels a responsibility to DO MORE
  • “Giving charges you up, taking wears you down”
  • Teaching more is one of his goals
  • Martial arts is more than just punching and kicking
  • He wants to record an album and write a book
  • He won’t be remembered as a fighter
  • Creativity is important to him
  • The UFC is a platform to give back

There are a few surprises here. What surprised you the most about these success secrets? Leave a comment below, it would be good to get your reactions on this fascinating conversation.

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Stef An

is there a video file for this?