Chris Voss – Mastering The Art Of Negotiation

Chris Voss is the former FBI Lead International Kidnapping Negotiator, who handled more than 150 international hostage cases, and spent three years investigating the first bombing of the World Trade Center.

He is the co-author of the bestselling book ‘Never Split The Difference’ and the founder and principal of The Black Swan Group, a consulting firm that advises Fortune 500 companies to perform complex negotiations.

00:00 Trailer.
03:42 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
05:59 Brian’s introduction.
06:36 Negotiation technique applies to terrorists as it does in business and parenting situations.
10:19 How Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un negotiations resolved after such an aggressive start.
19:45 Power of likeability in negotiations.
21:10 Unknown unknowns are the overlap of the unknowns.
29:03 The use of silence.
34:42 Massacre at 1972 Munich Olympics was the trigger for terrorist hostage negotiation.
41:04 Never be so sure of what you want that you wouldn’t take something better.
51:12 Trying to get into the brain of other people has changed Chris as a person.
55:02 The goal of the negotiation is not to get the other side to say ‘yes’.
56:32 How sociopaths can be skilled at negotiation.
59:02 The epitome of what you want to come out of hostage negotiations with.
1:12:52 What hostage takers want from negotiations.
1:14:53 Beware of the win, win offer.
1:15:46 Turning a negative into a positive.
1:26:35 Never be mean to someone who could hurt you by doing nothing.
1:28:01 Be aware of where a winning a deal could later be lost.
1:29:21 How he can train someone to become a negotiator if role-play is ineffective.
1:33:37 Chris likes negotiation techniques that psychopaths and missionaries like.
1:37:10 He continues to learn since transitioning into running a company.
1:38:58 How a former Cop has transitioned through life and now keeps abreast of new scientific ideas.
1:41:10 Women as negotiators.
1:44:15 What a good deal should be.
1:44:47 Influence of film portrayals of deal negotiations.
1:46:12 Being empathetic makes life more interesting.
1:49:16 How Chris dealt with a hostage situation that went wrong and people got killed,
1:53:49 What is Chris’ super power.
1:55:00 What scares Chris.
1:58:20 What he will be doing in 10 years.
1:59:34 What is surprising about Chris.
2:00:48 What keeps him awake at night.
2:01:40 Success secrets.
2:02:24 Advice Chris has followed.
2:03:43 Advice to 20-year olds listening who want to be more empathetic or lead but keep their own values.
2:05:31 What Chris means by his book title “Never Split the Difference”.
2:06:36 Brian’s summing up.

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Has someone bullet-pointed the negotiation tactics…?


Another brilliant interview. Fascinating subject, fascinating guy.


Content aside, your site is a clunky, over-engineered POS.

(I can’t watch the Voss video despite registering and fighting with your site for over 10 minutes. Useless)


Hi Michael,

Can’t watch the Voss episode, meaning – the player does not work?
What specific error were you having?


Content aside, your site is a clunky, over-engineered POS.


Absolutely amazing interview. This really helped me brush up on my knowledge base on negotiation and communication having read Never Split the Difference once now. I will read the book and watch this interview again.

Thank you very much.


When will you be launching this book on Audible please?

Ivan Sarecz

It’s out on the London Real podcast. (e.g. iTunes)


Dear Mr.Rose, I own / read the book and subscribe to Black Swan…this was an absolutely fascinating interview. Thank You.