Charles Eisenstein – Sacred Economics

Charles Eisenstein, author of Sacred Economics, talks about his journey from Yale graduate to Chinese translator to Storyteller, his ideas about the recovery of Community and the spirit of Gift, and how the money system necessitates endless growth and contributes to alienation, competition and scarcity.

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John Robinson

Interesting talk and excellent observations about the world. Its all about control! And perhaps more specifically, who controls the debt. Ive read books on economics and they all give some far-out explanation about what money is, starting with the bartering myth. Simply put, the most liquid commodity IS money. Which comes back to the point I think Charles is making. At the moment, in our economy, the most liquid commodity is virtual, distinct from anything real, like Brain said, a traded promise, or, faith of the creditor. (see more “Debt, the first 500 years”) As to the question of why… Read more »