Brian’s Introduction | LIVE At The Ritz

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Erik J/LaunchModule

I f*cking Love the edit at the end. Brian’s heartfelt and somewhat ominous introduction draws down. Dan Peña emerges, stalked by Steadicam. They shake hands. Dan says “Good Morning” with a little twist of inflection at the end, like a Drill Instructor with a recruit by the earlobe. Fade to Black. Beats. Boom.

Kieran Greene

Great introduction Brian, now to move onto the next part! Leaving my ego at the door! Ha

Jon McMahon

Thanks Brian for putting this on!

Ryan WarPanda Banks

awesome 🙂

Benja Min

Consider me primed!

Marco Figueroa

I’m in front of my laptop, I’m excited and nervous because I know that once I watch this Seminar my life will never be the same! Mr. Rose way to set the stage for the 50 Billion dollar man!

charlotte meyer

Wonderful insight into Brian’s journey and evolving relationship with Mr. Pena appreciate the honesty and integrity of where he is coming from great leadership

Marie-Judith Jean-Louis

Thank you for sharing these! The episode with Dan Peña definitely pulled me in. I think his ability to not only be himself, honest and unapologetic about telling the truth no matter what the consequences are, is something a lot of us are striving for. Brian is a natural in front of the group. Great intro.

David Lundvall

Very powerful introduction! Just by the video I feel the atmosphere in the room. The presence, people wants to be there, the way Brian builds it up and knowing who is about to come on. Intense!

Bernardo M. Vasquez

I appreciate the honesty and vulnerability. Also saw the Chris Eubanks story this morning – the constant game-chaning high performance feed of excellence is definitely of value, particularly the actionable information we receive. Kudos and keep it coming.


Such a great story and a great start to the Seminar.