Brian Rose & Tim Shieff Live Q&A – IRONMIND* The Movie Premiere

* “Ironmind – The Movie” is not affiliated with Ironmind Enterprises, Inc., the owner of the trademark IRONMIND®

00:00 Trailer.

03:22 Brian’s thoughts on the premiere.

05:23 Brian welcomes the audience.

06:45 Introduction to Daniel Cleland of Soltara.

07:43 Welcoming the representatives from Addaction UK.

08:29 Introduction to Nic Anikis and the unveiling of his portrait of Brian.

17:12 7th Anniversary of London Real.

18:41 Brian recalls his first meeting with John Joseph and what the film is ultimately about.

23:05 What an Ironman triathlon teaches you about yourself.

23:55 The London Real team.

24:50 Introduction to Timothy Shieff.

25:50 Message from John Joseph.

30:14 Brian’s athletic background: going into training for the Ironman race.

32:21 What endurance racing offers the participant.

34:26 Brian’s least favorite of the triathlon disciplines.

35:26 What it was like to totally switch to a plant-based diet.

38:18 A question of addiction.

41:46 The one question Brian felt he owed John Joseph to ask.

43:46 Gabor Mate’s belief that all addiction comes from childhood trauma.

45:27 Questions and observations from the audience… Praise for Gabor Mate and Brian.

47:27 …The moment Brian realized the reason why he wouldn’t let people in into his life, the next question to ask is: How did he try to resolve it?

49:11 …At what point did Brian decide to go ahead with the triathlon? Did he, at any point, want to give up?

52:13 …What does Brian think of the demons that drive people like him? Are they considered a curse or blessing?

55:51 …Dan Pena gave advice that it is s not what happens to us in life that matters but how we interpret it.

1:01:04 …Will Brian, at some point, bring his followers to the realization that they can succeed?

1:04:46 Is there any comparison between the healing Brian got from plant medicine or doing Ironman race?

1:06:30 …What are the key realizations that Brian had from the race and the Ayahuasca ceremonies?

1:10:54 Brian’s thoughts on John Joseph’s seeming inability to forgive those who hurt him as a child.

1:11:52 Brian’s summing up.

1:12:41 Tim Shieff, Nik Anikis and Daniel Cleland reviewed the film.

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I am blown away by you. I admit I am so confused as I was so reduced to tears by the rawness and how I so want to help people. My life is very hard as I had very radical surgery which makes my life difficult but this movie made me see that whatever we need to do it definitely has to be to help others by sharing our journey so we see that life really is a beautiful gift. This needs to be shared and we should try to stand out to show others we All count!!! Sallie Walker-Hatt