Brian Rose & Tim Shieff Live Q&A – IRONMIND* The Movie Premiere

* “Ironmind – The Movie” is not affiliated with Ironmind Enterprises, Inc., the owner of the trademark IRONMIND®

00:00 Trailer.

03:22 Brian’s thoughts on the premiere.

05:23 Brian welcomes the audience.

06:45 Introduction to Daniel Cleland of Soltara.

07:43 Welcoming the representatives from Addaction UK.

08:29 Introduction to Nic Anikis and the unveiling of his portrait of Brian.

17:12 7th Anniversary of London Real.

18:41 Brian recalls his first meeting with John Joseph and what the film is ultimately about.

23:05 What an Ironman triathlon teaches you about yourself.

23:55 The London Real team.

24:50 Introduction to Timothy Shieff.

25:50 Message from John Joseph.

30:14 Brian’s athletic background: going into training for the Ironman race.

32:21 What endurance racing offers the participant.

34:26 Brian’s least favorite of the triathlon disciplines.

35:26 What it was like to totally switch to a plant-based diet.

38:18 A question of addiction.

41:46 The one question Brian felt he owed John Joseph to ask.

43:46 Gabor Mate’s belief that all addiction comes from childhood trauma.

45:27 Questions and observations from the audience… Praise for Gabor Mate and Brian.

47:27 …The moment Brian realized the reason why he wouldn’t let people in into his life, the next question to ask is: How did he try to resolve it?

49:11 …At what point did Brian decide to go ahead with the triathlon? Did he, at any point, want to give up?

52:13 …What does Brian think of the demons that drive people like him? Are they considered a curse or blessing?

55:51 …Dan Pena gave advice that it is s not what happens to us in life that matters but how we interpret it.

1:01:04 …Will Brian, at some point, bring his followers to the realization that they can succeed?

1:04:46 Is there any comparison between the healing Brian got from plant medicine or doing Ironman race?

1:06:30 …What are the key realizations that Brian had from the race and the Ayahuasca ceremonies?

1:10:54 Brian’s thoughts on John Joseph’s seeming inability to forgive those who hurt him as a child.

1:11:52 Brian’s summing up.

1:12:41 Tim Shieff, Nik Anikis and Daniel Cleland reviewed the film.

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