Brian Rose – The Future Of London Real

This week on the show we have…Brian Rose. This is the third time he has switched from interviewer to guest. As Dan Pena recently said, his ego has got out of control…

Actually it turns out Brian is an introvert who is uncomfortable ever making it about him. At London Real it is always about the guest.

Of course it’s also about the journey, and we’re coming up to our 5 year anniversary, so it’s a great time to look at the past, present, and future of London Real.

Brian talks about how London Real is expanding as a business and a phenomenon, why he feels he screwed up an episode that people love, how Chris Eubank nearly walked out, and why he can “probably choke most people on the street unconscious and kill them” (scary stuff for the team at London Real!).

He also goes into the “win or learn” philosophy he has adopted, and why he believes he’ll keep interviewing certain key guests every year of their lives.

We go deep on the surprising vulnerability of most successful people and how Brian believes the guests sometimes need us more than we need them.

He reveals what it takes to become a guest on London Real, and the only difference between the average person and high-achievers.

Brian also shares how he overcomes his natural aversion to risk, why he’ll never do a Skype interview, and why Dan Pena is a c*** but he loves him anyway.

We cover the business side of London Real too, with Brian’s insights into Youtube and how to have a following AND a viable business. And we go inside London Real to find out what Brian believes it takes to be a great leader and how he manages an ever-expanding team.

Brian also offers a rare insight into his own upbringing and his dad’s background as a farmer that taught him “On the farm, if you quit you die”.

He talks about how knowing he beat the best in the world at MIT gave him confidence, as well as how Wall Street left him cold but also taught him to think big.

And finally how London Real has improved his life every single year, what he thinks of some of the biggest guests, getting on Dan Pena’s Wall of Fame, and how it’s ultimately all about giving back.

00:00 Trailer.
02:41 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
05:59 Alexander Dziri’s introduction.
06:46 5 years working on London Real.
07:30 A new era for London Real.
15:59 Brian Rose is an introvert.
19:55 The craft of being a good interviewer and truth about Ido Portal interview.
24:16 Building rapport and gaining trust of interviewees.
28:30 Successful people are not superhuman.
35:38 Ego, a misunderstood word.
43:38 Where other YouTubers fail to make a success.
50:58 Behind the scenes at London Real.
59:21 How Brian’s family influenced him.
1:05:16 What drove him to Massachusetts?
1:06:37 Why he chose Wall Street after MIT.
1:17:31 What did his time as a banker teach him.
1:20:55 If banking was so good, why did he leave?
1:23:51 What has he learned from the many guests he has interviewed.
1:29:21 Why do we put labels on people?
1:31:40 One sentence opinion of some London Real guests.
1:34:15 Rumoured that Brian will be fastest person to make Castle wall of fame.
1:36:04 Brian’s opinion of Dan Pena.
1:38:36 What helps Brian to up his game?
1:39:34 Success secrets.
1:40:00 Guests who, surprisingly, people don’t pick up on, but should do.
1:42:13 Which three big guests would Brian like to have on London Real?
1:45:17 The London Real guests he would choose to be on the board of a new company.
1:48:32 Best advice he has taken from a London Real guest.
1:51:36 Call to 20 year old Kaden.
1:55:55 Call to the 20 year old who is thinking of building something like London Real.
2:01:17 Alexander’s thanks to Brian. Brian’s vision for future of London Real.
2:11:11 Advice to the 20 year old Brian Rose.
2:13:00 Brian’s summing up.

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Dominic Jones

It takes a while for Brian to settle down and open up. But when he does lots of interesting messages flow. I enjoyed this interview a lot. Thank you.


HI Brian Rose , Can i ask you question? Why you choose the name “london real ” specially in recent time all internet gurus and personal development masters they brand them self with their own name personal branding ,Included there website domain under name .I am curious to know why you choose name London real.. .What made you choose that ….Looking forward to hear from you. i hope many people like to know that .

Munteanu Nicu

Very nice article indeed

Munteanu Nicu

Thanks once again for your work. I think I will share this video with all my friends

Caleb Gonzales

Man! Really fantastic interview! So great to see the man behind the show.

Gabriel Kemeny

Great and powerful. Thanks for sharing

Ivo-Ivan Powerlove Yamalieff

I have to share my professional view on ego – Brian explains it very well, but in addition I want to quote Dan Pena – Self Esteem is the Key to High Performance. In order to help others you first have to truly build up yourself and then help them from the position of Having. Osho says a person is like orange – you can only give that what you have – the orange juice. On the other scale you have the feelings of others and what you give to the world. And it takes constant awareness and constant judgment… Read more »

Ivo-Ivan Powerlove Yamalieff

the transformation Brian underwent is MASSIVE. Second life within five short years. Old episodes he was shy, very easily offended or disturbed, and his face was reflecting an intellectual with the burdens of the word. And now he is truly in touch with his true Self beyond upbringing, culture, autobiography. I am very optimistic about the future of LR, I am sure Brian will go big with it.

ralph vettese

Great interview, good luck with your next steps in the journey.

Kirsten Elmes

Enjoyed the Podcast of this.

Benjamin J Harris

Easily one of, if not my favourite London Real interview… (and i’ve seen shit loads)
Great job Brian, keep shining that light.


Thanks for bringing up the support system that check us on ego. I have a great accountability buddy who drives me back to my Why with every conversation. I only hope that I’m returning that service!

Michael Candler

great question!

Paul Garrett

Pure inspiration, Brian! Thanks for all the you and your team do to fire me up as I pursue my passion projects!

Sylvie Fernandez Robles

Genuinely Real! A talk from the heart , thank you.

Gabriela Grulichová

That was really smashing and inspirational 🙂


Awesome hearing your Hero’s Journey Brian! Keep doing you. You DO London REAL!

Scott Townsend
Scott Townsend

Solid 🙂

Kris Matt

You are the best interviewer I have seen Brian. Believe me you are ten steps beyond Joe Rogan, who I find totally classless and crude.
Going in more interesting places than others without EVER making a guest look bad! That is just amazing.
However, sometimes I feel that you could be scratching a bit more;) It’s what makes an interview great, otherwise it’s the same old cut pathways. I wish to interview you the next time around.