Brian Rose – The Evolution of London Real

Get to know London Real and the journey like you’ve never known them before.

Where did we begin? And where are we going?

Brian Rose is in the hot seat once again this week. Facing him down in this collaborative episode is Olive Hui, founder and host of freshly launched chapter New York Real.

Olive is a contributing member of the Academy, mentored by Brian himself. So prepare to get into Brian’s head like never before.

London Real now boasts 250k subscribers with content watched clocking at over 6 million minutes a month. How did we get there? Brian bares all in this epic show.

Find out how he runs the creative team behind the content, how he adds value to his ‘product’, and check out the strategies he employs to keep not only London Real growing but himself growing.

For those that want to be inspired or start out on a new project, this show is for you. Don’t miss today’s bumper 3 hour episode where we get inside the mind of the man that started it all.

How this interview got started. Brian on his media appearances. [4:50]

How the relationship started. Who’s this crazy girl telling cab drivers about London Real? Olive’s fan girl video to Brian. [8:25]

Steep learning curves. Being a white belt. [11:30]

Alex Ikonn, Peter Sage, Tai Lopez, Dan Pena. Will you interview Becky Walsh and Cindy Gallop? [13:00]

Pre-roll. How to do the one take shot. [13:20]

Are you used to seeing yourself in camera? Film school [14:30]

The Supremacy [14:30]

Is Olive OK seeing herself on camera. [16:05]

You have to publish. “Start before you are ready” Steven Pressfield [16:20]

Camera difficulties. The medium is forgiving. [16:55]

Luis Solarat the film maker and editor behind London Real. How Luis ended up working with Brian. [18:45]

Phil Mckernan complements the London Real team. [20:30]

The Left and the Right brain. The caring Noorah. The Canary in the coal mine. [22:25]

Female guests. How guests are chosen. [23:10]

Weekly webinars. “don’t buy somebody coffee just to pick their brain” [24:10]

The genesis of New York Real. [25:20]

No one ever tried New York Real. [26:20]

Brian’s TED Talk. [26:35]

Olive’s goal is to quit being late. [25:08]

Arianna Huffington on accent. Asian accent. Working on voice. Getting a voice coach. [27:40]


Doing the TEDTalk. Alex Mary. [28:20]

Everyone has a great story. USP of being from a different place. [31:43]

Response of the TEDTalk. Surprising effect of responding to Youtube comments. [32:22]

Listening to feedback. LR Academy Focus Group. [33:03]

How the TEDTalk changed Brian. Demonstrate your vision and clarity. [33:59]

Dan Pena weekly hourly report. “Who’s Ted?” [35:12]

12 weeks of prep for the TEDTalk. [35:40]

“If it sounds scripted then you haven’t practiced them enough.” [36:50]

“I retweeted your TEDTalk to 10 people for 10 days. People just needed to watch it.” [37:20]

Olive’s friend who watched the TEDTalk and the why it meant so much. [37:30]

Passion. Being inspired by Olive. [39:30]

Hoodie winner. [40:00]

New York Real Youtube, twitter and facebook page. [40:08]

Haters/commenters. Know your North Star. How Brian filters the feedback. [42:24]

Man in the arena vs man in the stands. [45:23]

Jumping out of the plane to commit.[46:40]

Tai Lopez on grudges. [47:10]

How has starting New York Real changed Olive and how Brian inspired Olive. [48:00]

Olive reveals her age. [49:53]

Brian on being an annihilist. What’s the point? [50:40]

English weather. [51:17]

Phil McKernan on making it not about you. [51:50]

Anita Moorjani on loving yourself first. [52:05]

Impossible to be depressed when in motion. [53:00]

“Love yourself and serve other” [53:20]


Interviewing grandpa Benedict as a child. [53:58]  ← Remind Brian to release these VHS tapes!

Brian’s grandparents as early mentors. [55:30]

Brian interviews his dad. On the farm there is no quitting. [56:57]

Brian on parenting. [57:28]

Travelling with mum. [57:37]

Divorced parents and releasing the anger after ayahuasca. [57:40]

Brian’s mum. [58:20]

Trip to Europe at 15. Losing his way in Berlin. [58:40]

Living in Japan and Hong Kong. [59:00]

Global family. [59:45]

Gabby and MIT. Gabby rating London Real. [59:58]

Hanging out with Gabby. Gabby’s impact on Brian. [1:01:05]

Getting out of bachelorhood. [1:01:37]

Teaching Gabby lessons. [1:01:55]

Brian’s writing a book on parenting [1:02:03] <- Can’t wait to read this book!

Learning by example. Hill sprints to understand pain. Choose to react to emotions. [1:02:33]

Brian as a kid. Being sent to therapy. Having structure, rules and boundaries. [1:03:32]

Dan Pena on what he wants from his kids. [1:03:58]

Play the long game. Don’t try to be friends with your child. [1:04:32]

An immigrant mind. [1:05:00]

Going back to show friends and family you didn’t make it. I can do this better. [1:06:08]

Olive on leaving Hong Kong. Watching english dramas. [1:06:30]

Feeling at home in London. [1:08:20]

Being an American in London. [1:08:38]

Not getting San Diego. I love New York. I hate New York equally. [1:08:50]


Come to Brooklyn. Successes in London. [1:09:29]

New York kicked my ass. [1:09:32]

If you can make it in New York you can make it anywhere. [1:10:10]

London works perfect for me. The most exciting time in London. [1:10:40]

I love it so much I named my show after it. [1:11:28]

Falling in love with London even more after doing London Real. [1:11:40]

Being more loving. Playing the who’s not going to cry game. [1:11:51]

Getting from my head and more into my heart. Using intuition. Feeling if a guest is suitable on LR. [1:12:20]

I don’t believe that the brain is the most powerful part of the body. [1:12:45]

Brian’s brain. [1:12:57]


Olive’s first meeting with Mariana. [1:13:05]

Brian on Mariana. First impression. Dolce and Gabbana. Strong and nurturing. [1:14:07]

Mariana’s cooking webinar. Focus group. [1:16:13]

The wife of the teacher is a special lady that everyone respects. Something to teach us just by being there. [1:17:25]

Masculine energy of London Real. [1:18:00]

Blown away by the academy. [1:19:45]

Best members of the community are women. [1:20:17]

Brenda’s 50 mile run. [1:20:47]

London Real male energy needs the female energy. [1:21:05]

Meeting London Realers. [1:21:35]


The 5 rules of the London Real Academy. [1:22:15]

What is the London Real Academy. [1:22:48]

One strike policy. [1:23:24]

Respect. Love. [1:23:50]

Vulnerability. How Brian learnt most about London Real. [1:24:08]

Action and Accountabilty. “I don’t care about your past. What are you going to do now. What are you going to going forward.” [1:24:25]

Goals. Grab and let go. The North star.[1:25:11]

Fun. These are the good times. Right now. [1:25:29]


Bringing Phil McKernan into London Real. [1:26:55]

Goal are great. Let’s hold them tight and then release them. [1:27:15]

London Real Academy being open to ideas. [1:27:30]

Tai Lopez vs Dan Pena on reading books. [1:27:51]

Every teacher has a different way to do things. Learn and adapt what work. [1:28:07]

Team Ayahuasca. Tool that tells you what the heart already knows. [1:28:50]

Advice at different tie of your life. The constant journey. [1:29:44]


Tweeting at Dan Pena. [1:30:20]

Affirmations. [1:30:30]


Weekly time sheets. Brian’s visit to Dan’s Castle. [1:31:13]

Getting weekly time sheets reviewed by Dan. Lack of taking risks. [1:32:50]

Risk averse. Why wait. Why aren’t you doing this. [1:33:40]

What you doing Brian? You happy? Not living up to your potential. [1:34:00]

Unrealised potential bothers Dan. QLA. [1:34:10]

Dan would be much more brutal. At least Brian is kind. [1:36:10]

Dan will call you. Ayahuasca came calling. [1:36:21]

Time and place for everything. [1:36:45]

Before and after Dan Pena. [1:37:07]

Olive’s first London Real episode. Not noticing the interviewers. [1:37:26]

People were tuning in to see the interaction not just to see the guests. [1:38:03]

People want to see vulnerability. [1:38:30]

I thought Dan’s going to be disrespectful and I was ready to leave. [1:38:50]

Dan Pena’s interview at the castle. Different Brian. Different treatment. [1:39:20]

Dan is congruent. [1:40:00]

Dan was cashless for 18 months. “I never told my wife.”[1:40:42]

Staying strong and earning Brian’s respect. [1:41:28]

Chris Eubanks on not talking about injury. [1:41:45]

Vulnerability makes it not plain and simple. Everybody is a contradiction.[1:42:30] 

Goatee had to go. [1:42:47]

Brian complements Olive as an interviewer. [1:43:30]


What would Brian do when he’s not motivated and scared. Fear Pyramid. [1:43:45]

Commitment and accountability to the community. [1:43:29]

Fear. Investing capital into London Real. Go where the fear is. Banking industry seeded London Real. [1:45:15]

Fear of hiring, upgrading studio, launching LRA and dealing with Dan. Fear of hosting live event. [1:46:05]

Mariana makes sure Brian is happy at home. [1:47:04]

Pressure to put on an amazing show. I owe them an amazing show. [1:47:33]

Tim Ferriss on fear. [1:48:46]

Agents returning calls for the first time. London Real Video Talk Show vs Events/Media company. [1:49:40]

Peter Sage changed my life emails. [1:50:40]

Masterminds guest preparing their TEDtalks. [1:51:00]

Inspiration and action. [1:51:13]

Scared of live events. [1:52:10]

Relocating. [1:53:25]


Pause. [1:53:40]


What is London Real Academy. Accountability [1:54:00]

Inspired but no action with other internet mentors. LRA members and Brian are right here. [1:54:40]

Not in entertainment business. [1:55:40]

Supporter financially, emotionally, and spiritually. Paying members and founding 500 gets extra. [1:56:03]

Academy members. Accountability buddies. Focus Groups. [1:56:47]

Olive is super supportive in the academy. [1:57:28]

Our world needs this. Meetups. Favourite guest. Trust within the Academy. [1:57:55]

The power of the academy. [1:59:07]

Buddies. Putting the energy into the academy. [1:59:50]

LRA eye opening. [2:00:04]

Feeling of helping so many people. Humble and Proud. [2:00:18]

Show gets in the way of the academy. [2:00:39]

Jon Waterlow pushing himself because of the academy. [2:01:15]

Bigger but not too big. [2:01:30]


Giving back to the community. Olive lead 14 New York Realers clean up a park at the Bronx. [2:01:45]

Where is New York Real headed. Olive reveals her affirmations. 3 TEDTalks. [2:03:42]

Half and Half Hair. [2:05:25]

Eating disorder. Being the black sheep. [2:06:50]

Crying selfies. I’ve got to save her. [2:08:30]

Cinderella folding her comforter into halves. [2:09:09]

TEDtalk buddies. [2:10:30]

Research or procrastination. When and where are these TEDtalks. [2:10:45]

Where is NYR in one year? [2:11:30]

Taking in comments. [2:11:50]

Disagree. Its too early to listen to feedback you already know where you want to go. [2:12:53]

Brian makes Olive commit to 2 episodes per week. Intensity of producing shows consistently. [2:14:00]

Associations with other Reals. [2:16:17]

Great things in Olive. [2:17:33]

Olive talks about how she feels on her Birthday. [2:17:55]

Olive talks about the nerves going into this interview. [2:18:25]

Representing the tribe. The world needs you to create great content. 2 cities linked forever. [2:19:05]


3 questions. Speaking to the 32 year old Brian. [2:19:45]

Importance of taking care of the body. Having a career that was working out. Open his heart. [2:21:20]

Experience with filming. [2:23:00]

Glad to have left New York. [2:24:00]

Timing of starting London Real. [2:24:46]

Fear of London Real being copied. [2:25:09]

DMT episode maybe the USP. Realness in the interviews that will never be repeated. [2:25:50]

Now we are turning into a media company. [2:26:48]

Its 2020, what does London Real look like. Making sure it stays real. [2:27:03]

I dont care about an IPO. Scaling. When you come to London you should be on London Real. [2:30:10]

Marc Marion interviewed Obama. [2:30:40]


Health. Importance of training. Martial arts. [2:32:22]

Partying, drinking and doing drugs. [2:34:40]

Smoking. [2:35:35]


Wealth. Andy Warhol – Business that makes money is a the greatest art. [2:36:50]


Love. Relationships and friendships. [2:39:56]


Happiness. [2:44:10]

Olive, you are capable of this and more. Dan Pena is Olive’s grand mentor. [2:47:14]

Giving value to mentor. Procrastination questions. [2:48:26]

Recording what is done hour by hour. [2:51:56]

Death. Youtube immortalises us all. Wikipedia. [2:52:30] <- Julian’s on the case!!!

Being in front of the camera. [2:53:20]


Favourite memory of London. [2:53:40]

Deep conversations. Thank you. [2:57:28]

Connect with Olive:

New York Real




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Steven Pressfield – start before you are ready

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Tai Lopez

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Congrats Olive!! Super cool interview. You’re the best!!!

Sal Assiri
Sal Assiri

Great Interview… 🙂

Kay Akinwunmi
Kay Akinwunmi

This is a great interview Brian. And Olive, you are awesome!

@londonrealtv you mentioned you watched a video of Tim Ferries about fear. Would you be able to share a link to that video.

Thank you so much for all your great contribution to this planet.

Core Level Marketing
Core Level Marketing

Great Interview… ; )

Petre Rosca

It was Peter Sage that used the skydive analogy in his interview on London Real (part 1, I believe).
Good interviews.

Haj Sza

Thank you very much, few things in this talk really resonated with what is happening now in my life.
Recently I had contact with dynamic meditation with a group of people and the result was – wow… I felt after very open, it helped me, so hearing about bioenergy-stuff waked interest in me, I’ll check it out.
Elliot feels like being fully emancipated (is it a correct word?), for which I have respect.

Kat Borowiec
Kat Borowiec

Great Episode, well done Olive! I love how easy this conversation was. It was amazing to hear Brian’s vision for London Real and see the evident focus on value creation.


Thumbs up! 🙂

Alex Tovbin

Great episode !!!!
Thank you guys!!!


Needless to say, this is the best birthday I have ever had. Brian in person is exactly the Brian that we love on London Real. Thanks guys for watching this 3-hour interview (even I have to take! Thank you, Brian for letting me interview him for New York Real at London Real studio. I hope we all get inspired to start our own evolution, even before we think we are ready!

Zulma Cadena
Zulma Cadena


Chathura Basnayake

Love her courage


I liked this episode a lot. Especially the Dan Pena parts, love that guy lol

Nick Walker

Great job Olive! Good Luck with your Ted talk!

Louise Carrier

A wonderful interview 🙂 Am still just over the hour mark and am riveted but had to say I love Olive’s question where she says it’s not about gender! 🙂 My experience also has been it’s people at their very best irrespective of gender.

Anita Z.
Anita Z.

LIKE LIKE like 🙂

Swithun Gibbs-kennet
Swithun Gibbs-kennet

Looking forward

Swithun Gibbs-kennet
Swithun Gibbs-kennet

Great thanks for audio

Marcin Wasilewski

Wow, 3 hours? :O

Zander Bylund
Zander Bylund

what about tweeting it?