Brian Friedman – X Factor

Brian Friedman is an American dancer and choreographer who has created the choreography for many popular music artists including Britney Spears, Cher, Beyoncé Knowles, and Mariah Carey – as well as for music videos, concert tours, and television productions including The X Factor.

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00:00 Trailer.
02:28 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
05:06 Brian’s Introduction.
05:35 Brian Friedman’s motivation.
07:04 The stress factors of X Factor.
09:34 Putting on a show and working with X Factor contestants.
13:08 No one is unaffected by dance.
15:47 The power of the dance video supporting a song.
17:49 Anything that moves can be choreography.
20:05 Where Brian gains inspiration for keeping his choreography fresh.
21:26 The correlation between fashion, choreography and dance.
24:49 Brian’s fashion label.
26:14 A dancer’s personality.
27:46 Why he had to stop partying to 4am.
29:59 Loving teaching class and giving masterclasses.
32:12 The feelings dance can evoke.
32:59 Why he is currently tired of choreography.
35:04 Dancers are sexual beings and choreography can be sensual.
36:52 The Black Swan concept, getting an artist to emotionally relate.
41:14 Brian’s notorious stare.
42:10 Why Brian initially wanted to get into choreography.
43:43 The driving force behind his journey from Arizona to working in London.
44:45 Why he loves London.
47:28 Managing to live in Los Angeles without going crazy.
48:27 The hell of being in the jungle.
53:31 Brian loves being a judge, he has a lot to say!
56:09 What Brian thinks of various celebrities he has worked with.
1:03:08 How Brian came to work with so many famous artists.
1:04:54 Spotting a diamond in the rough in his classes.
1:06:32 The life changing moment when he came out to his Mom.
1:11:00 Will Brian marry his fiancé?
1:12:21 His advice to young people struggling with their sexuality.
1:13:06 Success secrets.
1:13:38 Phone call to the 20 year old Brian Friedman.
1:14:15 Best advice he has ever received.
1:15:20 Advice to the young would be dancer, choreographer or pop star.
1:16:37 Starting an online mentoring programme and future exciting possibilities.
1:18:04 Brian’s summing up.