Brad Burton – Get Off Your Arse Too

Brad Burton is about to get you motivated and moving forward. As one of the UK’s most important business keynote speakers Brad adopts a particularly unique style to coach small businesses and present seminars at conferences. His energy is as powerful a driving force as his methods, insight and knowledge. He brings humour, authenticity and charisma to the table.

In his own time he’s been able to push his message and vision further, founding 4N, a business networking company that holds up to 5000 events per year across the UK. He’s published a number of books, including the hugely successful “Get Off Your Arse” – which was the highest rated and reviewed business book on Amazon.

His website writes of his seminars, ‘expect breakthroughs’. The same could be said for today’s episode.

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Very authentic interview I could feel the chemistry much more this time


[…] week I’m revisiting motivational speaker Brad Burton’s most recent appearance on London […]

Lee Chism Nibs
Lee Chism Nibs

Brilliant interview first time I’ve heard of him as I’m a brummie living in Chicago, would like to meet him in person one day.

Douglas Ruddock
Douglas Ruddock

In brads first interview Brian said what needed to be said ” what, another story!” As Brad was selling his life like you would on QVC shopping channel. Brad had come back strong on his follow up interview and opened up to a much more personal interview. Hat off to Brian for the first and Brad for the second. Champion

andy tracey

brad is doing great work,i only disagree with him on the point of prison , because its not instant the feed back dont mean it is not making a difference, i was talking constantly in government rehabs,and felt the same, but later in life i had 2 people come up to me and said my talk had started them on the road to recovery, when i thought about it maybe i help them stop killing someone, a child from being parent-less a victims of crime mum and dad griving a son, etc, them causing harm and in turn who they… Read more »


It’s good you still provide some interviews free to those who are not academy members.

Andrew Sparks

Love this episode. Watched it start to finish twice now.

Dan Floros

Agree with BB..Robins impacted quite a few. I was fortunate to work with the guy who started Tony..Jim Rohn. Inspirational…

Brendon Mitchell

I’m staggered no comments here? First of all, everything happens for a reason. I’m full of flu on the couch, no energy. The Flipside, watching this interview and others….priceless. Top takeaway from BB. Don’t force it if you’re not in the flow. When you are, and it could be 11pm at night, crank it!