Boris Becker – Play To Win: How I Reached the Wimbledon Hall of Fame


00:00 Trailer.

02:25 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.

03:22 Brian’s introduction.

04:01 Boris enjoys remembering his early successful tennis achievements.

05:33 Why Boris now lives in London.

09:16 Boris’ early life in Germany.

12:09 He suggests it was easier for the young to go for their dreams then, than it is now with the internet.

15:33 What the 13-15 years old Boris was like and how he made it to Wimbledon so young.

19:00 The fascination of tennis for him.

20:17 How the game of tennis developed with it’s strange scoring and rules.

23:17 Boris enjoys playing for the audience.

25:11 The mental game within tennis.

27:33 Unbelievable numbers watched Boris win Wimbledon aged 17, the youngest ever player.

29:28 Pressure only affects people who find they are not prepared.

32:07 The following year he was not predicted to win.

34:35 Why Wimbledon is so special to him and for all tennis fans.

38:35 Defending his title again, aged nineteen.

42:01 The young infamous John McEnroe and his tennis ability.

46:04 The epic match against John McEnroe in the Davis Cup.

48:17 Enemies on court, but now good friends.

49:40 Did his success come too early for him personally?

51:00 Boris’ answer to criticism of his partying lifestyle.

52:36 When Boris gave Pete Sampras the keys to his living room.

56:38 Who Boris thinks was the best player ever.

57:48 Memories of Andre Agassi.

1:00:06 Rivalry between opponents which made good matches to watch, is missing a little in today’s game.

1:00:49 Whilst in other sports rivalry is increasing, tennis players seem to be friends with their opponents.

1:05:05 Conor McGregor needs to win another fight.

1:06:31 How Boris came to coach Novak Djokovic.

1:12:32 Boris’ four children are his greatest joy.

1:14:52 Dealing with the media when the scandals around him are in the news.

1:18:15 Boris in the commentary box.

1:21:01 Boris’ advice to young people about alcohol and drugs.

1:22:47 Boris’ thoughts on the Williams’ sisters.

1:24:53 Tennis has a chance to stay one of the top five sports in the world.

1:25:43 The future for the rules governing tennis.

1:27:02 Boris’ daily routine.

1:28:18 Does Boris still play tennis?

1:30:00 What is his super-power?

1:30:46 The worst and last days of his life.

1:32:13 What scares him.

1:32:52 What we may find strange to learn about Boris Becker.

1:35:56 What keeps him awake at night.

1:39:12 Phone call to the 20 years old Boris.

1:40:00 Success secrets.

1:40:46 Advice to the young person listening.

1:41:53 Brian’s summing up.

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a very honest, sincere and insightful interview, a product of excellent preparation by the host and a very cooperative and candid interviewee .


Dear Brian, I have been watching many interviews with Boris Becker. With highest respect, yours in the Masterpiece!!


Wow. I will buy his book very deep person.




Interesting. Insightful. Boris Becker….He ticks the boxes: open hearted. Thanks for this excellent in depth interview with Boris Becker. He lives his talk and speaks of his experience of how he is living his life. Simple direct and honest.


Boris Becker…….thank you so much Brian!


Great Podcast, , congrats. To both 👍