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Endless new perspectives, inspiring to say the least!


I have many freezes for this and other of your videos. Thanks for your work – Ido became a hero of mine!


It’s fascinating how the old man in the end stops right next to them, while Brian was talking about London real and how he wants to share with the people who listened. I assume that this is how the reality is create 🙂
Thank you for sharing


So far ahead of his time when it comes to movement and philosophy. I want to thank you Brian for sharing these videos. Many of the ideas he has expressed are things I am going through, have felt and have thought about. Many others are things I am sure one day I will encounter. It is comforting to know that there are other people having the same awareness and exploring it. Hopefully this will spark the masses to move more and rediscover our bodies and the powers they possess. Thank You.