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hello Brian , i have just watch the full beach interwiev… deep , inspinring , top notch .
Ido knows how to make things plain and easy to understand , he’s on the path of wisdom .Change the perpective ;
Is there a way to dowload the video , or just the sound for walking around time …please please .


Brain and London Real Team, Thank you for a great work.


Is there any in the person in physical training world who Bruce Lee has not influenced in some way 🙂 ?

Lucius Chan
But I must say that , Bruce Lee actually has the ultimate goal of being a fighter. So the skills Bruce learn will all be about fighting. In a nutshell, you will always be a specialist , no matter what you choose , once you decided someone and give it a name , you will be a specialist. As life pass, if you don’t use it , you will lose it as Ido say in his own words , then you will know that you must always maintain your foundation movement. (That is the routine that you must do even… Read more »
Marcus Smith

I am stunned that Ido mentioned (Douglas) Hoftstadter- a man who isn’t (on the surface) about movement at all- yet also someone alongside Ido I’ve been very interested in for many years, more specifically, interested in his book, Gödel, Escher, Bach. Ido continues to surprise and amaze me, very inspiring!


Interesting and deep interview. Thank you for facilitating it and sharing it 🙂


Since 1 week I listen and view to all the ido and Brian interactions and sharings. During that I was renovating my bathroom with raising fun and enthusiasm. Really it is so great what you are sharing – I feel deep humility in your talks and it moves my inside- Inside me there is a turmoil that I missed so long . Thanks somuch – i cannot stop listening. Loving obsession.

Thanks for sharing this Brian! Your interview series provides great insight into who is Ido Portal and what are his thoughts, opinions and method etc. A great resource for the majority of us who has not yet met with Ido and are left with small pieces from the internet until now.


Incredible interview, thank you Brian and Ido, it is greatly appreciated.

Tommy Cochrane

Love it 🙂

Thankyou Brian


Superb stuff,i m inspired,love to meet Ido