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Bill Browder – Vladimir Putin Wants Me Dead

Bill Browder, the American-born CEO of Hermitage Capital Management, who is often referred to as the Number 1 enemy, of Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

Browder’s fund, Hermitage Capital, was the largest foreign investor in Russia until 2005, when he was denied entry to the country for exposing corruption in Russian state-owned companies. In 2009 his Russian lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky, was killed in a Moscow prison after exposing a $230 million fraud committed by Russian government officials.

Since then, he has spent the last eight years conducting a global campaign, to impose visa bans and asset freezes on individual human rights abusers, particularly those who played a role in Magnitsky’s false arrest, torture and death. The United States was the first to impose these sanctions with the passage of the 2012 “Magnitsky Act.”

00:00 Trailer.
02:00 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
04:15 Brian’s introduction.
05:19 Putin is one of the most cynical, evil, aggressive, sociopathic killer dictators on the planet.
10:08 Hillary Clinton and the Russian reset button was a futile gesture of appeasement.
11:19 Absolute power corrupts absolutely: how Putin has created absolute power in Russia.
15:17 You cannot understand Russia with your mind: the Russian people’s supposed love for Putin.
17:07 The money tells you everything and Putin likes money.
23:23 Why Putin annexed Crimea, invaded Ukraine and is now in Syria.
30:35 Donald Trump election connection to Bill Browder, Sergei Magnitsky, and the Magnitsky Act.
36:51 USA political and ideological chaos created by Putin.
39:56 Bill is primary number one target of Vladimir Putin.
41:49 British Government did nothing after British citizen Alexander Litvinenko murdered in London.
43:21 The killing and posthumous trial of Sergei Magnitsky and Bill’s conviction in absentia.
51:28 Bill Browder’s family history and its connection with Russia, Communist party and McCarthyism.
1:02:36 Bill’s first job leads to financial equivalent of crack cocaine.
1:12:23 Enlightening account of time at Salomon Brothers with instruction to make 5 times his salary.
1:30:43 Move to Russia, making money, then Russia devalued their currency.
1:36:11 Bill’s life is changed forever when he discovers the Oligarchs.
1:48:00 Arrest on entering Russia starts his worst nightmare and Sergei Magnitsky takes the rap.
1:52;35 Sergei Magnitsky refused to talk despite 358 days of torture.
1:58:18 They will make monuments to Sergei Magnitsky in Russia in a different era.
1:58:42 Getting the Magnitsky Act passed in America and how it is a game changer across the world.
2:02:21 Chilling reason for deliberately keeping himself in the public eye.
2:04:11 Possibility of a film being made of Bill’s book Red Notice.
2:04:52 Olympics doping scandal and the film Icarus depicting Grigory Rodchenkov’s involvement.
2:08:11 How Bill stays focussed on his goal every day despite the dangers.
2:09:38 What is Bill’s super power in getting things done.
2:10:44 Does he worry about his friends and family?
2:11:10 What scares Bill.
2:11:53 What he thinks of Donald Trump.
2:13:17 Worst and best days of Bill’s life.
2:15:18 What keeps him awake at night.
2:16:03 The most influential person in his life.
2:16:15 Phone call to the 20-year old Bill Browder.
2:17:24 Best advice he ever received.
2:18:04 Advice to people listening to take from this episode.
2:19:17 Brian’s summing up.

Bill Browder links:
Bill Browder website
Bill Browder on Twitter
Bill Browder on YouTube
Bill Browder on Wikipedia

Bill Browder’s Book:
Red Notice: How I Became Putin’s No. 1 Enemy

Topics discussed:
Hermitage Capital Management
Magnitsky Act
Government of Russia
Federal Security Service (FSB)
Hillary Clinton and the Russian reset button
Russian oligarch
All the President’s Men (film)
Annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation
Russian military intervention in Ukraine (2014-present)
Foreign Intelligence Service of Russian (SVR)
Boston Consulting Group
Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 (MH17)
Russian Involvement in the Syrian Civil War
Grateful Dead
Berlin Wall
Siege of Sloviansk
Sanok, Poland
Salomon Brothers
Price Waterhouse Coopers
Icarus (film)
International Olympic Committee (IOC)

People mentioned in this episode:
Sergei Magnitsky
Vladimir Putin
Mikhail Khodorkovsky
Robert Mugabe
Boris Yeltsin
Viktor Yanukovych
Natalia Veselnitskaya
Donald Trump Jr.
Jared Kushner
Paul Manafort
Alexander Litvinenko
Earl Browder
Eleanor Roosevelt
Edmond Safra
Al Capone
Bryan Fogel
Grigory Rodchenkov

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Finnian Reilly

The film maker Andrei Nekrasov is strongly anti-Putin and this gives him a lot of credibility in his documentary The Magnitsky Act: Behind The Scenes. His original intention in making the documentary was to present Sergei Magnitsky as a bonafide hero. It was only during the process of making the documentary that he began to realize that the story William Browder was presenting to the world had many holes in it. For example Magnitsky is not a lawyer, but a company accountant, an easily verifiable fact. As he dug into the whole high-finance affair he found more and more information… Read more »

Finnian Reilly

BANNED DOCUMENTARY – The Magnitsky Act: Behind The Scenes (FULL / In English)

This is a must watch documentary that has been banned in the western world.

Despite all the threats of lawsuits and physical intimidation which hedge fund executive William Browder brought to bear over the past couple of months to ensure that a remarkable investigative film about the so-called Magnitsky case would not be screened anywhere, it was shown privately in a museum of journalism in Washington, D.C. but has otherwise been banned.

Philip Alexander

I believe all things are predestined/predetermined. That based on the character of who Sergei was and what his soul came here to do, his destiny was already written before he was born. If Bill never went to Russia, who’s to say that someone else would not have taken his place? Who’s to say that Sergei would not have found himself in circumstances that fulfilled his inner desire to stand against corruption and injustice? I wish Bill peace of mind and honor him and Sergei Magnitsky for both their contribution to humanity.

Finnian Reilly

DECONSTRUCTING BILL BROWDER’S DANGEROUS DECEPTION The Saker (AKA Andre Raevsky, a geopolitical analyst and former US military analyst) writes: “Today I want to introduce you to a book whose importance simply cannot be overstated: The Killing of William Browder: Deconstructing Bill Browder’s Dangerous Deception by Alex Krainer. I consider this book as a * must read * for any person trying to understand modern Russia and where the new Cold War with Russia came from. Most of you must have heard of the Magnitsky Act or even maybe of William Browder himself. You probably know that Browder was a British… Read more »


So you made your money through unethical means and now you wanna close the door from anyone else who wants to make money like you. Very clever. Playing the good guy after being the bad guy.


If I was from the country, which is responsible for most wars in recent history and it also lied to get into all of those wars, I would never talk about all the bad things other countries are doing while not saying a word about my own country. Do really any Americans have right to talk about Russia while not saying at the same time what has USA done to the world? If you want to acknowledge what horrible things Russia is doing then just please also say what USA is doing. https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/world-news/war/war-who-is-the-aggressor/ Let’s look at the last 100 years.… Read more »


I admire his courage


admire courage


russia has the censorship of the urss but without any of its good things.
unemployment was virtually nonpresent in urss. now we have this “wonderful” gift from capitalism plus wasting public money for oligarchs, increased poverty, lower nativity, increased rates of alcoholism (first cause of death in Russia), higher criminality… you continue the list.


Pretty great interview… had me at the edge of my seat. Great questions, no squandering opportunity at all. Learned a lot, I have not followed Russian politics since the 80’s. Scary times for us all.
I saw on a some show how Putin gets around term limits. Russia is run by the President and the Prime Minister, though always by Putin which ever position he occupies. When the term runs out for PM, he wins the Presidency. When the term runs out for President, he wins PM, by being appointed by the President Dmitry Medvedev. It’s called a Tandemocracy.


So, the evil Putin took back Crimea, where 95% of the population have Russian origin and so in east Ukraine. However the democratic Americans they took over Afghanistan, Iraq, they mess up Libya and almost Syria. In Italy where I come from after 73 years since the end of the second world war we still have 90 Americans military installation. In few words we still be an occupied country, obviously because of our highly strategic geopolitical nature. So I am sure Putin is not an Angel but also the various Kissinger, Bush, Obama, Clinton are them any better? Russia is… Read more »


Are Clintons and Obama any better than Putin? Go and live in Russia for a year or even two months and this question will NEVER cross your mind again!!! I assure you!
Is Putin better than Bush? I am not familiar with George Bush senior that much. Can’t say.
Bush younger? Cheyne was the real guy not George Bush. George Bush was too stupid.
Is Dick Cheney better than Putin?
Cheney will gut your fucking stomach through your stomach. Putin will gut you through your ass and leaving out to drip while enjoying his boys at resort.


well, the war in Afghanistan actually improved the lives of more than half of the population (women plus Shia, atheist, etc. men). in Syria, Rojava is far better than Assad government. if you’re interested I can send you old blogs from 2010 and earlier written by Syrians themselves including an Alawite. of course, in neither case USA (and part-nato) actions have a humanitarian purpose, it’s done for capitalists but you think Russia is any different? putin is so bad that he’s financing the Taliban right now but nato financed jihadist rebels not much time ago and is allied with Saudi… Read more »


Having been born in the old USSR I can tell you that things have not changed they just call them difirently since the takeover in the late 90’s. Bill is on point for the main part but seems naive with respect how far his adversaries will be willing to go if truly threatened. Removing Putin will not result in immediate or even timely change in attitude because the corruption is so deeply rooted and wide spread globally that it would take a real true movement, time and sacrifice to bring any meaningful outcome. Remember, there are many little Putin’s that… Read more »


No, Navalny is NOT allowed to travel outside Russia. But he does give interviews via Skype and all. DW ‘s Janna Nemtsova interviewed him this way from Germany. Navalny is an interesting figure but some suppose he is Putin’s or FSB connect in disguise. Nor does he have a team substantial to get that country on track. His followers are young people. And his suggestions are either populist or self defeating. Thus he suggests to arrest and prosecute all the oligarchs and and members of Putin’s government.Which is estimated in hundreds of thousands of people. But it is unclear from… Read more »


but things have changed. for the worse.
russia has the censorship of the urss but without any of its good things.
unemployment was virtually nonpresent in urss. now we have this “wonderful” gift from capitalism plus wasting public money for oligarchs, increased poverty, lower nativity, increased rates of alcoholism (first cause of death in Russia), higher criminality… you continue the list.


Dear Brian, regardless of the outcome and the answers provided by Bill Browder this was definitely a very interesting interview. Listening to your questions and the answers of Bill, I don’t know if you had to sign any kind of agreement before conducting this interview, but I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if you had to. You have as usual been a patient and gracious listener to your guest and your interviewee was free to tell whatever he wanted. However you could have (and in my view should have) been digging a bit more below the surface after getting certain answers… Read more »


This is one of the most interesting interview I have ever heard. Thank you for this.


At 24m 37s and in relation to Russia taking back Crimea from Ukraine Bill Browder states “…I think three people died, it’s nothing…”, and Brian responds with silence. At this point I must check out from watching this man who claims his sole intention is to avenge the death of his lawyer. Was his lawyer’s life more important than the 3 people who died in Crimea? And why Brian says nothing is beyond me. A life is a life, surely.


Apparently he meant nothing in comparison with thousands, may be tens of thousands of victims and casualties that could have been inflicted since Russia took Crimea without a fight.


Up to now I had a lot of respect for London Live, but to give a platform to this convicted fraudster who happen to get bought by the Russian authorities for trying to pull the biggest financial skim in Russia. It’s understandable that the zionist run political system of the west and the globalist media hate Putin and Russia with Passion and they will happily give this scam bag a platform, but I thought London live was on the side of the people and if that was so they will never allow this guy in their show.Big disappointment.


The Zionist run political system has become a meaningless cliche. Who are precisely the Zionists that you refer to? Obama pressed Israel on settlements . George Soros pressed Israel on settlements. Even though he is not even a governmental or any kind of intl.org official. I don’t understand why he intervened even. What does the Zionist mean in your view? And if you mean Jewish. If it is the jews who run the world that you want to say or at least that Jews have a high presence in the upper echelons and spheres of political and business interests… Do… Read more »


Actually Bill Browder is a man! Others just wouldn’t care. That one stuck up for his man! And he does these western countries great service.You’d be having assassinations in your cities at least on a monthly basis! Italian mafia will seem to you like Rosie cities after these bastards. You must apologize to Bill Browder, appreciate and respect his achievement. Because Putin and his thugs would gave taught you how to do this in a heartbeat!!


Fascinating Bill Browder sounds sincere and his story rings true to me. Makes me think again about the character of Putin.
The issue of fake news ;and spin makes it difficult to form an opinion on what is true without doing you’re own research.


One Hundred percent. People flake under the load of analysis!


Very informative considering current events.


Wow! A true modern day hero! Courageous, inspiring, a leader even in the ‘kingdom of truth’. And London real is providing a great service to humanity by putting him on this podcast.


Wow! A true mindedness day hero! Courageous, inspiring, a leader even in the ‘kingdom of truth’. And London real is providing a great service to humanity by putting him on this podcast.