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Ben Greenfield – Superhuman

Ben Greenfield is an ex-bodybuilder, Ironman triathlete, Spartan racer, coach, speaker and author of the New York Times Bestseller “Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health and Life”

In 2008, Ben was voted as NSCA’s Personal Trainer of the year and in 2013 was named as one of the top 100 Most Influential People In Health And Fitness.

00:00 Trailer.
02:34 Thoughts on the episode.
04.40 Brian’s introduction.
05:43 Natural living combined with biohacking life, but careful with the electrical, wi-fi and Bluetooth components.
13:44 Ben the body builder and Ironman, big distinction between performance and health.
21:48 How Ben consumes carbohydrates, wine and coffee.
28:46 Wine as cognitive enhancement and creativity.
34:30 Positives and negatives of Tetrahydrocannabinol.
38:08 Empowering children to make their own informed decisions.
42:50 The Iron Man Championship he quit and the World’s Toughest Mudder in Texas when again he felt he failed.
55:42 What Psilocybin revealed to him.
1:00:32 The time to create a big globally recognisable brand.
1:04:32 Morning routine.
1:09:03 Ben’s cold water exercising and caution required.
1:20:24 The fascination for hardcore challenges.
1:23:21 Ben’s views on social media.
1:28:54 Why and how Ben hunts wild animals.
1:34:38 Primal urge to fight.
1:37:49 Success Secrets.
1:38:24 Participating in Navy SEAL Buds training for civilians and what was even worse.
1:44:45 Advice to the 20 year old Ben Greenfield.
1:47:32 Best advice ever received.
1:49:41 Advice to a 20 year old who wants to develop himself like Ben.

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Will repeat multiple times and still pick up new information from the interview! Im fkin obsessed with BEN!

Dominic Jones

A very interesting interview. Food for thought as always. Thank you 🙂

Ivo-Ivan Powerlove Yamalieff

the video won’t play until the end

Rio Bodiba

How do we download the video? Streaming isn’t fun when you’re paying what we pay for internet in South Africa

Rio Bodiba

Hi, how do we download a video? Watching from South Africa, internet isn’t cheap here

Aude Debenest

Great interview Brian I am very happy Ben is back on the show. He gives away a lot of very specialist knowledge, to please my ears, while reflecting deeply on his life journey and getting vulnerable, which is rare. Many people think Ben Greenfield is “too much” but i think it’s a good thing, health and fitness is his obsession and he knows he is geeky and has managed to harness it. I also respect a lot that he is testing all these technologies and nutrition solutions on himself and reporting about it. Great guy, great content!

Jacopo Esse

this guy is the son of dave asprey – born charlatans

Jacopo Esse

so this guy run in hotels unplugging wifi routers? make me laugh Brian

Gabriel González

Why would you care so much about health to go get damage in a fight? Why not a marital art like judo?

Gabriel González

Very good comments on killing animals

Gabriel González

Cannabis tincture? I read ingested cannabis is more strong or toxic.

Gabriel González

Bio dynamic wine?
LOL what is that?
Drink Argentine wine.


nonsense. drink portuguese. an from america and red wine go chile

Gabriel González

What it’s the test in UK similar to 23andme? THANKS

Javier Fusco

a lot of problems playing this video.. got to 6 minutes then audio and video get all out of sync.. too bad.

Brian Rose

Can you try it again Javier, it’s working fine on this side. tks!

Decebal Dobrica

It’s amazing to hear someone after he has gone through his journey and hear his thoughts and journey tips. Ben seems amazingly sincere as well. I never heard of him before and feel like I have been missing out

Justin Goudreau

Ben’s eyes look a little glazed. A little THC before the interview? Great show.

Roman Święs

Cannot find audio upload 🙁

Anthony Posemann

Click on the More tab next to Description

Dušan Kašanin

Wery nice!

Marie-Judith Jean-Louis

Interesting man. 🙂


Enjoyed the interview, but I don’t see how he can reconcile outsourcing activities while advocating the virtues of being a renaissance man. He shouldn’t see his past efforts in learning to code as wasted effort, but should instead see it as a manifestation of being a lifelong learner (which was another virtue he advocated). Greenfield’s last name is, after all, “green” “field”, which is a clear enough sign that mowing lawns are not of a “lower task,” but a divine task worthy of naming one’s family over.