Bboy Storm – Stay Hungry

Niels “Storm” Robitzky is a German choreographer and hip-hop dancer, recognised for hip-hop techniques B-Boying, Locking, and Popping in Europe. He won several dance competitions and became World Champion in Breakdance in 1992.

00:00 Trailer.
02:11 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
04:32 Brian’s introduction.
05:15 Why Brian got into break dancing.
07:09 What led BBoy Storm into B-boying.
15:35 How B-boying spread across the world from the Bronx.
18:34 An immediate desire to excel at B-boying.
20:27 Continuing with his dream during drop in popularity of B-boying from 1984
31:16 What B-boying means to BBoy Storm.
35:02 Why B-boying and hip-hop etc., came from the Bronx.
38:10 The part music played in the development of B-boying and the graffiti.
48:18 Going to the Bronx where he learned the need to stay hungry.
55:40 What happened to him during the period 1992 to 1999.
58:24 What makes a great B-boy.
1:07:07 Why is it called a battle, is it dangerous?
1:12:44 BBoy Storm’s training schedule.
1:21:42 The 2016 battle with Crazy Legs.
1:28:08 No retirement plans; diversification, but don’t call it street dancing.
1:36:56 Working in other dance genres and venues.
1:42:22 Break dancing will be in the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games.
1:45:11 Current state of B-boying now and in the future.
1:51:54 How BBoy Storm feels about fatherhood.
1:57:04 Success secrets.
1:57:54 What he and Crazy Legs teach their students in their university classes.
1:59:07 What keeps BBoy Storm awake at night.
2:03:21 Phone call to the twenty year old BBoy Storm.
2:04:19 Best advice he ever received.
2:08:57 Advice to the young people watching who want to be like BBoy Storm.
2:15:58 Brian’s summing up.

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Dominic Jones

Interesting interview. Thank you 🙂


Storm is one of my few true childhood heroes. The interviews are always for the success strategy types I never thought I would see one of my heroes from a smaller subculture. I feel so blessed to have found this.




One of the best interviews on bboying ive seen. Good stuff gents

Tina Stamou

Great interview! Brene Brown emphasises creativity as a human quality, it just hasn’t been developed in certain people through traditional mediums, eg drawing, music, dancing, but it showcases itself in entrepreneurial spirits, gardening, cooking, business development, body building, you name it. In dance, often people are not given the opportunity to create dance moves, don’t take the opportunity to do so, they don’t believe they can, they are not ‘professionals’ so they are not ‘allowed to’. If brains like problem solving, if you ask the brain a question and it is bound to give you an answer depending on the… Read more »


Thank you for this Brian. Your show keeps inspiring me and as a Bboy this one was particularly interesting to me. Looking forward to your interview with Crazy Legs.

Breaking has created connections all over the world for me too and on a deeper level then would have ever been possible through language. That’s the thing with any art form, not just Breaking, it can cross language barriors because it allows us to communicate in a way that we can all understand: through the soul. And that’s what the world needs most today. Glad you’re looking into this culture!

Anri Maruyama

VERY Inspiring interview, thanks a lot!