BANK ACCOUNTS – Dan Peña | Live At The Ritz

In a personal development plan trust, recognition, motivation and the importance of continuous personal development growth is essential. This is supported by Maslow’s theory that human beings progress through a hierarchy of needs until self-actualization is reached. The simile drawn for this process is to build an emotional bank account as defined by Maslow. To build these emotional bank accounts decision-making and self-actualization are the main components.

Dan Pena LIVE At The Ritz – Part 1 of 3

Dan Pena LIVE At The Ritz – Part 2 of 3

Dan Pena LIVE At The Ritz – Part 3 of 3

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wow looks like a humbling yet invigorating experience, you can see how Dan has that ability to be able to squeeze directly in the centre, at your soul, to make you uncomfortable to the point of lasting, integral change

Kristian Buddy

Dan Pena shows us his weaknesses , as to which we can learn insight from.

He’s ability to hold the viewer in a constant state of “questioning ones own life” . Is captivating for the right reasons and for the wrong reasons.

He makes us take a step closer to what we truly want to become. Shifing our intrinsic core values.

We are all designed for greatness , it is within us to achieve this.

Jonathan Waller

“Not because of me but in spite of me” …. rounds it up for me.


Spending the day at The Ritz, in Mr Pena’s company was the most powerful experience. I was pushed so far outside of my comfort zone that I’ve simply not been able to slink back there again……everything has changed. I’d recommend that you attend……as Mr Pena would say, “Just fucking do it!”

Ron Nakamoto

The most important take-away from Dan Pena’s story about his father is that our greatest influence is not what we say but the person we are. Dan Pena was most strongly influenced by the character and the actions of his father. His father was tough, courageous, a man of his word, a man of action. That left a strong impression with Dan and guided his thinking and actions in life.

Marie-Judith Jean-Louis

That’s exactly what I got from this segment. Also, the fact that his dad had the insight and honesty to accept that Dan became successful in spite of him in huge in my eye and speaks for the influence he had on Dan. I don’t know a lot of parents that would have the courage not only to realize and admit something so humbling to themselves but also to others. Seems like dad was quite a man.


Listening to him always gives me chills. I love it!!

Joshua Kim

Lol Dan doesn’t like Canadians ahhaha


Emotional bank account! There is something very important in this segment. I usually watch Dan’s video twice. Always learn more the 2nd time (once we get over the initial reactions to being called cunts).