Ayahuasca Challenge

Brian & Nic discuss monkey behaviour and its parallels with human government, how people often times sabotage their own success, the power of now and being present, how no one should assume they have the right to be happy, the best way to win in a Filipino knife fight, the lack of a male rite of passage in modern day society, that men touching other men doesn’t have to be gay, how Jiu Jitsu can change your life, the power of male bonding, and Nic challenges Brian to try the psychotropic Ayahuasca in the Amazon jungle.

compiled by @zander-bylund.

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I’m new to your clan… I’m looking forward to living YOUR 5 year trip… over MY next 2 days! Great start guys!

Gal Ganor

Ah the only downside of watching early london real , is that its only an hour 🙁