Arthur Rutledge – The Prince of New York

Executive concierge, event planner, and former male model Arthur Rutledge joins us to discuss how music is as important as religion, why every person wears a social “mask”, growing up as a Baptist in urban Detroit, the three different types of women who go to clubs, what it’s like living in Harlem, and the pitfalls of being a professional model.

“You can only really fit about 150 people in your brain…” – Brian (08:17)

“Even if a person is very pretentious by the time you get them to inebriation…” – Arthur (11:38)

Everyone is putting on a mask whether they are on facebook or right in front of you.” – Arthur (11:45)

“The rich man doesn’t have to say he’s rich.” – Nic (18:50)

“The girls were just cranking it out…they had crazy bodies…in sick shape…” – Brian (19:35)

“The acceptance of things….if humans can conquer that we will evolve…” – Arthur (36:47)

“That’s why gorgeous 18 year old models are always hooking up with slimy 55 year-old photographers…” – Nic (51:06)

compiled by @zander-bylund.

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