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Anita Moorjani – Life After Death, Surviving Cancer

Few people have been to edge of death and come bounced back to full recovery – especially those with cancer. Anita Moorjani has though, and this week she’s telling her story on London Real. After fighting cancer for four years, it looked like Anita was about to succumb to the disease. Slipping into a coma on February 2nd 2006, doctors informed her husband that this was the end but, in this case, it definitely was not.

With fascinating descriptions of her own near death experience, sensations of meaning and a straight notion of how to return to the land of the living, Anita set herself to recover. Today she’s a New York Times bestselling author, a fellow TEDx speaker and ambassador to the possibility that there’s more to this life but you must choose. She’ll confound the sceptics, shock the complacent and spare some knowledge to all those willing to listen. Ladies and gentlemen, don’t miss this.

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This Anita Moorjani video is so much a part of my human life’s synchonicity as well as the interviewer’s lifestyle (plant-based, athlete…etc.)…thank you!


I’m so grateful…everybody can change in love his own life… me too!
Thank you so much Anita for sharing your experience, thank you too, Brian, for this so inspired interview


Wisdom from beyond the veil. She is so inspiring. I am currently learning to love myself. I find it a great challenge. I keep telling myself if my compassion does not extend to me it is incomplete, believe that was a Budda quote.


Thank You very much! You Light Up our Consciousness with this Interview, You Made The Difference! Gratitude!


Create thy heaven on earth pop the red pill and enjoy life to the full with lots of love Ray.


“now you know the truth, go and be the best you possible “. It was after seeing Anita’s NDE experience on you tube that I started my own spiritual journey which eventually led to Ayahuasca. Life changing!

Tapashi Sikdar

it’s really helpful.it’s change my view of life.

Symara Kaslov

thank you for asking the question , “how do people take the step to loving themselves?”

Noga Adama

thank you! you are love.

Tasos Manolopoulos

Thank you so very much for reaching me. This has come at a very important time where i am seeing just how much i haven’t loved and don’t love myself. Blessings

Mark Wasserman

I saw Anita on a Wayne Dyer PBS special. Your interview was great! Thank you for all you do, Brian. You inspire me and I appreciate it!

Gabriella Byron

keep the camera still.

Osama El-Abboud

One of the best interviews that I’ve ever heard.
I am in the process of battling cancer and this interview has given me a lot of hope.
Very inspiring.

Nalani Schlagel

best interview with her I have seen yet. excellent questions

Martin Winsley

Inspiring, beautiful and life affirming! I nearly quit my job today because of this video! I am going through such a powerful transformation at the moment and hearing these words makes me want to reclaim my power and use it. Thanks Brian, great interview and wow, what a great message! Big love from a little town!

Vimala Raj Menon

Great interview Brian. Thank you Anita for your brilliant words.

Alexandra Ginsburg

Wonderfull powerfull great to watch feel and do ….
Thanks à lot for your authenticité both of you
Stay well

Sylvie Fernandez Robles

“Love yourself like your life depends on it, because it does!”
“Death is beautiful.”
“Live your life fearlessly.”
” Make your choices out of love, not out of fear”
“Laugh everyday”
This interview is a treasure. Thank you so much Brian, thank you so much Anita.

Marican Garcia

I love her so much… what a gift she shares by telling her own story. I have encountered many NDE’rs and I truly believe self love is why we are here to experience this physical world. Brian, I really enjoy your extensive interviews, as there is so much delicious listening between yourself and the guest!

I really like Anita’s comment on laughing everyday! So, I’m looking forward to when you interview some comedians.

Gabriel Kemeny

I feel grateful 🙂