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Andreas Antonopoulos – The Death of Money

Andreas Antonopoulos is a Greek California-based information security expert, tech-entrepreneur and author. He is a host on the Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast and a teaching fellow for the master in science Digital Currencies at the University of Nicosia.

00:00 Trailer.
02:28 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
06:37 Brian’s Introduction.
07:14 Unprecedented worldwide crisis in Central Banking system.
16:47 Andreas explains Bitcoin and why people find it advantageous to use.
22:07 Why companies and banks choose whether or not to use Bitcoin.
24:34 How Bitcoin can be a currency of choice for an internet generation.
29:08 Is my Mom ever going to use Bitcoin?
31:30 A fragile edifice, full of corruption, threatening global economy.
35:16 Is Donald Trump going to “drain the swamp”?
41:29 Bitcoin is not slow jazz: its punk rock. Deal with it.
46:57 Bitcoin scaling up block size.
48:49 Who is Satoshi Nakamoto and does it even matter?
50:23 Other cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin.
52:39 What happened to Etherium.
54:50 Black markets and why the media associates Bitcoin with them.
1:00:46 Concern around people’s privacy, security and surveillance.
1:06:45 Terrorists and criminals not impeded from transferring large amounts of cash.
1:09:34 Most people do not assume they need privacy.
1:11:31 How to make people aware of the need to keep state and money separate.
1:14:38 Cryptocurrency technology as money is about human rights.
1:16:54 What Andreas has learned from frequent travel around the world.
1:20:37 Discovering Bitcoin blew Andreas’ mind.
1:22:19 Mission to explain Bitcoin to the world.
1:26:26 Personal safety necessitates maintaining his privacy and security.
1:28:54 What people should do who want to explore more about Bitcoin.
1:35:40 Andreas’ biggest challenge for the coming year.
1:37:05 How Andreas made the decision to not have a home base.
1;40;29 Success secrets.
1:40:49 People across the world struggling with situations they cannot control.
1:43:59 Phone call to the 20 year old Andreas.
1:46:49 Best advice ever received.
1:49:10 Advice to 20 year old watching.
1:51:55 Brian’s summing up.

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Wow. Thank you Brian for everything you’re doing and thank you Andreas too. Beautiful.


Thank you, Andreas, and I think you are more like a Bard rather than a court jester. I’m new in this space and really appreciate your passion and intellect.

Michael Warde

It’s hilarious that he says people will use BTC to buy cat videos when you think about CryptoKitties.


Andread Antonopoulos is an absolutely amazing human being!


Love Andreas Antonopoulos’ knowledge and wisdom of both the economy and the government.


Amazing interview! Thanks guys.


Amazing interview, thank you for doing this.


What is Andreas saying at the beginning, what kind of licences do HSBC have?


This guy is a canard, he must be a shill. Crypt’s are not currencies, they are a transfer agent, you know them as a money order. Bitcoin is not a currency, it’s a money order people, wake up.!


Thank’s for that kind of content ! Nelson Really Thank You guys !

Ivan Mariano

Great interview…full of truth.

Thank you!!

P.S: Many people thanked me to share this video with them 😉


What a crappy website…. had to create an account for nothing. I can’t even see the damn video due to its privacy settings lol


Hi, try to use another browser. That’s a usual fix for the “Because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here” error. Sometimes, there is an inconsistency between the browser version and Flash.
Happy Holidays! ?


Beautiful, thank you, Maria! Very helpful.

However, Flash player is outdated rubbish and I wish people would stop using it on their websites!


why not use youtube? with auto-generated subtitle, also vimeo blocked in some country and the streaming not smooth


Because they can’t gate you behind a login requirement and sell your information to another company when they make their content openly available on their monetized youtube channel.


“maybe it’ll be 10k maybe not its” 14k !!!!


Stream doesn’t work well. Always stops for buffering. It’s not my internet connection, first part on youtube was fluent.


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Andreas is a highly intelligent individual who understands the value of privacy, autonomy and security. But then he completely misses on the value of culture and national identity. People absolutely do share the most fundamental desires and needs for clean water, sense of community, social cohesion, etcetera; but part of national identity IS culture, community, social cohesion, and other fundamental needs of human beings. NO, not all individuals are the same in terms of religion, language, customs, and so to call nationalism “one of the most corructive forces in the world” is an extremely myopic and ignorant position to hold.… Read more »
What I heard him say is that the borders & cultures themselves are constructs – that we are a Human Race – and that this Human race has a culture of its own – one that has a bigger potential to thrive in all its capacity for sharing, family, connection and especially free commerce if not interfered with by the borders that don’t exist from space, or the governing bodies, banks that impact and define culture – I may be wrong but I don’t think forced integration appeared in his worldview on this interview. Nationalism keeps us within the borders… Read more »

I completely agree with this comment. Let me translate it to crypto language. Nations and cultures are like lots of different crypto currencies / tokens. Not all the different functions and different features forced/distorted into one big. They happily live next to each other.


Let me translate it to crypto language. Nations and cultures are like lots of different crypto currencies / tokens. Not all the different functions and different features forced/distorted into one big. They happily live next to each other.

A Hungarian born living in London.


Nice to see a long interview that is not booring

Dominic Jones

Thank you for another good interview.
Crypto currencies are changing the world. keep your financial wallet safe 🙂