Andreas Antonopoulos – Bitcoin

If talk about currencies, network systems and internet security is something that scares you, then you are about to have your mind blown.

This week’s episode of London Real brings you Andreas Antonopoulos – technologist, serial entrepreneur and world Bitcoin expert.

If you’ve heard of Bitcoin you may still believe this digital currency is only used by drug-dealers, terrorists and pornographers.

Andreas addresses the bad press Bitcoin has received and is adamant that it’s about to change.

As he points out, this is part of the journey of any new cutting edge technology.

The big paradox at the heart of Bitcoin is that it simulates a coin made from precious metal, i.e. it’s rare.

It doesn’t immediately make sense to have a digital ‘thing’ be rare, as everything in the digital world can be copied ad infinitum.

Confused? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Andreas’s genius is in making complex economic and digital concepts understandable.

If you are baffled by how a currency that trades in the real world can simply be invented from scratch in the ether of the internet, don’t worry, it’s all here.

During the episode, Andreas lead us from his first discoveries of Bitcoin to his now widely accepted expertise, and his evangelism for the currency.

Andreas insists, however, he is not selling Bitcoin.

He simply wants to open up the dialogue about the future of money, and reveal to ordinary people the scope of the technology.

As Andreas says, he’s not in this for the money. He is in it because he loves having “a front row seat in the making of history“.

One thing that might surprise you about Andreas is how approachable and likeable he is.

For a guy who spends his life talking about computer systems and economics, he’s remarkably easy to communicate with.

He’s candid, passionate about what he does, and his optimism about Bitcoin is infectious.

Even if you struggle with talk about currencies, computer networks and financial security, you’ll come away from this week’s episode a believer.

Andreas not only cares about Bitcoin, he cares that YOU care also.

Tune in to watch a fascinating person unravel the cutting edge of money in the digital age.

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00:00 Trailer.
02:04 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
05:56 Brian’s Introduction.
06:30 London Real’s relationship with Max Keiser and Bitcoin.
08:12 Background to Bitcoin revelatory moment for Andreas.
11:56 Satoshi Nakamoto, who (he or she) created the first network centric platform.
12:34 Bitcoin is the first application of the invention there are so many more possible applications.
14:54 Andreas’ fugue type state of complete obsession whilst searching for deeper understanding.
16:59 Why is it that criminals become the early adopters of new technology?
19:23 Government’s connivance.
19:42 Dread Pirate Roberts, the Silk Road and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
20:51 You can’t get stabbed over TCP/IP.
23:58 The Silk Road was the best peer reviewed marketplace. Best quality and best repeat business.
27:08 How Andreas has successfully used his skill to further knowledge of Bitcoin.
29:16 Dichotomy of the volatility in value of Bitcoin tracking interest in Bitcoin.
33:44 The amount of Bitcoins existing and why it doesn’t matter.
36:05 What Bitcoin miners do.
38:11 Difficulty in explaining Bitcoin to the everyday consumer.
40:34 What Andreas is able to purchase with Bitcoin.
43:13 Transformational possibilities of cross border transactions is why Andreas is in Bitcoin.
48:22 How long will his vision take to materialise?
49:35 The amount of investment in the Bitcoin space.
53:45 Competition from other payment opportunities such as Apple Pay and Facebook messenger.
57:47 How does Andreas choose his involvement in Bitcoin?
1:00:23 Why is his a dangerous job, seemingly acting as a lightning rod to certain individuals?
1:03:43 Andreas’ view of what caused the Greek financial crisis and its relationship with Bitcoin.
1:12:51 What is the 20 year outlook for crypto economy space? A self-driving, self-owning Uber taxi?
1:19:14 What happens to the world economy when you bring 6 billion new productive but disconnected people, online?
1:22:51 Success secrets.
1:23:46 London is great, but is it heading for walled courtyards with guards and slum cities around?
1:29:15 Phone call to the 20 year old Andreas.
1:30:09 Best advice Andreas has ever received.
1:33:16 Advice to young people who want to advance cryptocurrencies.
1:35:57 What it is like being on the Joe Rogan show three times.
1:39:15 Brian’s summing up.

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Because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here.”

What’s the meaning of this?

Jenny Mayola

Where are you watching the episode from? Please drop a message on chat and we’ll help you further. 🙂

Donna M.

With these very volatile and unpredictable prices in bitcoins, only wise people trade (sell or buy) bitcoins at lesser rates. That is why I left other platform and choose furcoins. com Be wise too and save cost.


Quick question, when he said that Real Estate is in a bubble, did he mean globally or just in London and other big cities?
If Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies can do what they were supposed to do and change the financial industry and real estate industry, wouldn’t that make real estate market undervalued and “cheap” to invest in right now?

Muhammad Zeshan

just an amazing talk. so well explained that I’m interested to learn more about this tec.


Is there any place I can get the script?


I am also into the vulgarisation of stuff (high school maths and sciences): would you point me the direction toward some help to better understand block chain good enough to introduce it to 12-16 orders?
An answer from Andrei would feed my ego but any voice, the Univers will choose, is as good for my project.


Hi, you can reach out to Andreas through his Twitter account here:

if you only interested in blockchain itself, this is the best i can point you to:
read the description there as well, there are useful links 🙂


Good stuff! I’m very impressed…Thank You!




Great interview, looking for a new one – especially after recent grow…


Thank you! We are glad you liked it!


YOU ARE #1 !!!


Great interview, enjoyed that a lot. Bought some BitCoin now ?


Bet you’re glad you did that huh?


brilliantly done!


Andreas is really talking lot of sense & doing great job spreading the message around educating people on next generation ways of transacting…I am personally very keen to participate in creating business use case using blockchain technology. Would be happy to explore a strategic partnership..If you can suggest some company since you are interacting with lot of people would help me..Thanks …

Nice Andreas. Would like to personally connect with you. Your passion speaks. I have started to do the same thing by watching all TED talks and doing a Digital Money course from Tufts University. From Blockchain to bitcoin and now understanding that its the same wow. so true. My Skype ID is : fahadshahab. Would love to talk. I can feel from my heart that you are doing a great job.


Hi Fahad, you can contact Andreas Antonopoulos through his Twitter account.

I love this interview and more importantly asking the right questions. I always wanted to know about the Greece from Andreas.
Great insight!


Hey, if you liked this episode, check out our other episode with Andreas called ‘The Death of Money’


A great interview, clearer insight into one of the most amazing phenomena in our lives, Bitcoin…! Thanks very much Andreas & Brian.


Great interviews – but you may want to include date when these interviews took place for reference. Cheers!


Wow! What a great interview! Andreas & Brian, many thanks!


Bitcoin is undergoing scaling issues. If large scale adoption were to start today Bitcoin would collapse.

John Henry Grzyb (pronounced Grib)
Just finish this episode and I am speechless. I had never really heard of pickling before until yesterday when I started listening to this episode. Took me two days to go through it so that way I can give it its due, and I didn’t trus just finish this episode and I am speechless. I had never really heard a big coin before until yesterday when I started listening to this episode. Took me two days to go through it so that way I can give it its due, and I am impressed. Go back now and watch the success… Read more »