Amir Khan – Don’t Call It A Comeback

Amir Khan exclusively talking to Brian Rose on London Real about his comeback and upcoming fight against Samuel Vargas in Birmingham on September 8th on Sky Sports and a whole lot more.

Amir Khan is a 2-time British world boxing champion, known for his speed, accuracy, and ring I.Q..

Thrust into the international spotlight by winning silver in the 2004 Olympics, he went on to conquer America unlike any British boxer in modern history.

Outside the ring his charity, the Amir Khan Foundation, has just built an orphanage in Gambia & he is the owner and promoter of India’s Super Boxing League and Super Fight League.

00:00 Trailer.
03:44 Brian’s thoughts about the episode.
05:49 Brian’s introduction.
06:57 The kid from Bolton who took risks in going to America and found fame.
10:00 It’s like going to war, putting your life on the line; but when your arm gets raised up at the end…
11:49 Some fighters look good in the gym, but when it comes to the fighting night, everything goes wrong.
13:38 Amir’s thoughts about Conor McGregor after meeting him.
16:19 It is not all about the money.
19:35 What kept Amir going after he lost in a fight against Canelo, and how he did it with his friends.
23:42 Why fighters do crazy, silly things and go into the ring.
28:20 Amir knows the value of his money, and he bleeds for it.
32:33 What he admires about Mike Tyson.
34:26 Boxers seem never to want to stop fighting.
35:36 Why he says boxing is the toughest sport in the world.
37:57 Good advice to young fighters about working with promoters.
41:17 Difficult decision to work with Eddie Hearn.
43:57 Amir’s thoughts on Floyd Mayweather Jr.
47:56 Amir, a Muslim, has firm views regarding Muslims who resort to killings.
52:31 Advice to Anthony Joshua if he wants to make it in America.
53:09 How he thinks Tyson Fury can improve.
53:59 View on Gennady Golovkin.
54:18 What he learned during his training with Manny Pacquiao.
55:53 What Freddie Roach is like as a trainer.
57:11 His daily routine.
1:01:03 What scares Amir.
1:01:51 Success Secrets.
1:03:07 Best advice he ever received.
1:04:58 Advice to the twenty-year-old people who are watching this video and who wants to be like Amir.
1:05:58 Brian is summing up.

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