Alex Reid – Win The Crowd

Alex Reid is an English mixed martial artist, kickboxer, and actor.

00:00 Trailer.
02.00 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
08:54 Brian’s Introduction.
09:34 Big balls or stupidity.
11:57 Attacking life and taking the opportunities.
13:30 How Alex got into fighting.
15:25 Back in 2005 could you make a living fighting in the MMA?
17:11 Tough training at London Shootfighters.
19:57 Lee Murray.
24:59 Evolution of the UFC.
26:29 You shouldn’t take emotion into the ring.
29:10 A showman.
30:10 The ultimate fighter.
35:37 Alex and Katie Price.
42:38 Alex and Chantelle Houghton
45:19 Biggest moment of Alex’s life.
46:09 Entertainment as a sport.
48:51 Who is Roxanne and what are the consequences?
1:00:49 MMA, transgender and homosexuality.
1:02:37 Future for Alex Reid.
1:06:27 Is Alex the fighter who doesn’t know when to stop?
1:07:24 Getting back to fight fitness and feeling good.
1:08:51 How does Alex pick up women?
1:11:51 Entering the Celebrity Big Brother House.
1:17:09 The acting profession.
1:21:13 Success secrets.
1:23:27 Hypnotherapy.
1:25:49 Alta Ego The Reidernator.
1:27:26 Alex’s fighting mantra.
1:28:02 Who Alex considers the most successful person.
1:29:52 What keeps Alex awake at night?
1:31:05 Alex’s biggest challenge right now.
1:33:41 Boxing – does Alex still watch it?
1:34:18 Phone call to the 20 year old Alex Reid.
1:36:34 Best advice ever received.
1:38:45 Advice to the youngster wanting to be an MMA fighter or celebrity.

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This cheapens your channel. You should delete a few characters you’ve interviewed. I’m a PR and would consider high profile people for your show, but Alex Reid, David Icke and several others drag you down. The Douglas Murray interview was a brilliant booking. More like him and the channel will become relevant.

Dominic Jones

Another interesting person. Thank you 🙂

Russ Patchitt

I liked Alex. He make a great friend. Fun laughs and a strong person.

Well done all.