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Afrika Bambaataa – Godfather of Hip Hop

Afrika Bambaataa is the Godfather of Hip Hop and Creator of the Universal Zulu Nation…

[8:23] What do you think of music in London?

[9:35] Why look at Europe in 1980s? Hip Hop Movement in France, and UK?

[10:40] Getting people to understand what we were doing scratching records.

[11:35] Encouraging people to rap in French. Why encourage people to use their own language?

[13:00] Journey of Kevin Donovan as a young boy to Afrika Bambaataa to the creation of Zulu Nation. History of Hip Hop.

[20:00] Movement in the 1960s where there is a real serious political movement in the 1960s – civil rights and human rights. Jefferson syndrome.

[22:00] Punk scene.

[23:06] What made you want to embrace Punk and Hip Hop.  

[24:00] One nation under the groove.

[25:20] I was a pushy person to go and do what I had to do.

[28:00] Ice T mentions Afrika Bambaataa. The state of Hip Hop.

[29:42] Hip hop apartheid. Claiming to be Hip Hop and RnB – where’s your breakbeats, go-go, Miami base, hip house…

[31:25] Why people turning now into Internet Radio.

[31:39] Language. Entomology. Bless is a german word for blood sacrifice.

[34:41] Wining a trip to Africa through Unicef and how this lead to the Universal Zulu Nation. Trip to Nigeria, and Europe.

[36:30] Bringing great music of Nigeria. Fela Ransome Kuti – Bus Stop dance.

[37:00] Collaboration with James Brown. There would be no Hip Hop without James Brown. King of Soul. What effect he had on music.

[39:20] Music before Sly and music after Sly. Sly and the Family Stone.

[41:34] How did you get inspired to dress.

[43:00] How did it became the Zulu Nation.

[45:30] How the music evolved.

[46:15] Crates of vinyl. How big was your records collection at that time?

[47:53] Cornell University is backing up your entire collection.

[49:00] Are you OK with vinyl and digital or strict digital.

[49:11] What brings you to London? What keeps you motivated to perform and keep touring the world?

[50:00] Trips to Asia.

[51:00] Planet Rock in 1982. Electrofunk.

[53:10] Voice synthesization – where did that came from?

[54:00] White boy in San Diego school.

[54:38] Phone call to the 20 year old Afrika Bambaataa.

[57:30] Best advice ever received.

[58.00] Advice to the 20 year old.

[1:00:00] Experience working with Cornell University.

[1:00:35] How does Afrika Bambaataa relax?

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how do you feel now that he is being accused of multiple counts of pedophilia???