Adam Scorgie – The Culture High

You know, its very rare in life that we get to see something from its creation to its application and then to its finalisation and that was something I have been super lucky to have been a part of and that thing is called The Culture High.

The Culture High is the creation of Adam Scorgie and Brett Harvey and its the sequel to a movie called “The Union – The Business of Getting High” that came out in 2007 was a huge hit, it featured at the time Joe Rogan talking about marijuana in a way that no one had really ever heard. It was a worldwide sensation uploaded legally and illegally all over the web. For a long time Adam and Brett were asked to do a sequel and they didn’t want to do it because they didn’t know if there was anything left to talk about; they were finally persuaded by a kickstarter campaign started by you guys to the tune of $240,022 that made this production a reality.

One year ago I had the pleasure of meeting Adam and he spoke to us at London Real about his ideas for The Culture High. He was in town to do interviews with Richard Branson, Annie Machon,Graham Hancock, Prof David Nutt which was a like laundry list of our former guests.

Couple of weeks ago he came back almost exactly a year later to show us the finished product of The Culture High, we had him back on the show, I went to the premiere, it was just absolutely amazing and fantastic.

It was two hours of so much information, they had 30-40 people they interviewed including big names like the ones I mentioned and they really tried to put in perspective how the war on drugs and the prohibition of marijuana is really symbolic of so many problems in the world and the USA; from the criminal system to the difference is treatment between rich and poor.

This movie is fascinating it’s a real eye opener I was rally impressed and I am just so excited for these guys.

On top of everything you have the opportunity to watch it right now, right here with a 10% discount using the code “LONDONREAL” So click on the video below and enjoy!

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Sería bueno que tenga subtitulos en español. Porfavor