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5km Tribe Run Challenge

This week’s London Real Fit Challenge is to do a 5K run.

I like to get a 5K (~3 Miles) in every week as part of my cardio and always use the MapMyRun app to keep track of my times – what gets measured gets improved!

I’ll be doing my 5K next Sunday and will post a video below along with a screenshot from MapMyRun so you can see my overall time and breakdown stats. Step up, take the challenge, and post your time in the comments below – bonus points for including a screenshot from whatever app you use to track your run. I’m excited to see where I rank amongst you all, but ultimately this is as much about competing with yourself as it is with each other because whether it takes you 20 minutes or an hour to get round we ALL have room for improvement!

Regular group runs: 
London – Sundays – 9am from the top of Primrose Hill

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Ricky Torres

Hi Tribe!

I will be there this Sunday (12/06/16) for the 5km run!
Hope to see a few faces there. 🙂



Gorgeous weather for the 5k this morning and great conversation with @tahrir-chowdhury and @tomdevro over brunch at Camden Market afterwards!


Red faced after a brisk 5k in the sun this Sunday with @james-colvin who then beasted it on the bars!

Karolis Dieliautas

My first ever 5k run 27.13 Training for charity run on Saturday. Feeling awesome but will aim to reduce time to under 20 mins.

Kevin McNamara

Hi guys, 26.06 for 5k. My pb is 25.3 but this was a nice easy relaxed run along the esplanade at Trinity Beach where I live in Australia. Loving LRA only joined an hour ago and very inspired by all you guys, thanks, Kev

Shane Evans

5.08k in 24:10. I am sure some of that time was messing with the app! Lovely early morning run along an estuary 🙂comment image

Anthony Atkinson

I’d love to start running but unfortunately I get bad shin splints. No idea how to get rid of them. If anyone has any advice I’d appreciate it!

George Lane

5.5km 32m35s – not my best, but ok for a Friday night.

Thomas Devereux

Hi guys…2.5miles in 20.24…Definitely not my best as im just back from a 4 day wedding weekend in Ireland…But it’s a start…

Mark Vishnevsky

18:36 halfway split for a 10k tempo run in preparations for a half marathon and then a marathon. I love to run. I use the garmin watch as the most accurate and then mapmyrun secondary on my Iphone as I can listen to podcasts and music while running rather then have a music player and wrist watch garmin.

Oli T
Oli T

22.39. Def want to knock a few minutes off this though. Sub 20 the goal!

Matthijs Bloem

Really liking this Brian! However, I’m going to refrain myself from doing this challenge right now, because I know I can’t stop myself from going all out and I don’t want to overburden my knees just yet. Two weeks ago I started training again and thanks to a technique called rhythmic breathing it seems that I’m finally able to run without injuries. When I’m feeling comfortable enough with my running I will definitely post my time!

Michał Stefanów

“It should be twenty some minutes”

At first I wanted to prove @londonrealtv wrong by going below 20, but that’s not really possible at this moment / beyond my reach. @gourmet_focus actually did it! (such an amazing time)

Ended up with this – http://i.imgur.com/lbpCXxb.png – 4m36s per kilometer for a total of 23m36s.

For reference – Brian’s post on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LondonRealAcademy/permalink/640411522759539/


I did 24:34 today!! and I enjoyed just for the challenge. I have never been a good runner


2nd attempt this week 27:28 better than my last 30:50 run. I was so excited!


You go girl! Now all you need to work on is that Ted talk under 27:28 ; )


3.3 miles/ 5.310 kilometers on the streets.
I really didn’t want to run tonight, but if rather do it than fall behind.
I used Strava. I like this app because it can track runs and cycling. I’ll post a screen shot somewhere.

Owen Bain


Strava is a nice app I’ve been using for a couple of years. It takes segments of your run and compares against your previous rus and anyone else that has run that part

Jon Waterlow

My first ever outdoor 5k! I did it in 23:15, which I’m sure I can beat next time. Better tunes needed on the iPod (and maybe no deadlifts in the morning…)!

jamie curtis

Try Tiësto – Parade of the Athletes ?

Martin Absalon

30 minutes. Decided to jog a little even though I’ve been sick for about last 4 weeks.


Commitment. This is a true professional.