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Dr Robert Malone - Deep State Propaganda & Our Fight For Freedom


American Physician & Biochemist

Joining us back in studio today is my good friend, Dr. Robert Malone. He’s in the UK to support MP Andrew Bridgen’s proposed Sovereignty (Referendums) Bill. This Monday, Robert, alongside medical experts, scientists, and physicians, delivered expert testimony on the Covid pandemic and its aftermath.

Robert shared his in-depth knowledge of mRNA vaccine technology, discussing how the federal government’s regulatory capture has influenced Congress and Federal agencies. He argues that these entities no longer prioritize the nation’s, the world’s, or humanity’s best interests.

Like many who have voiced dissent, Robert has faced censorship, defamation, and character attacks from big tech and mainstream media. He views this struggle as extending beyond medicine, seeing it as a battle for preserving our way of life.

As an internationally recognized virologist, immunologist, physician, biochemist, and author, credited as the original inventor of mRNA delivery and vaccination technology, Robert has dedicated nearly 40 years to vaccine development and drug repurposing for infectious disease outbreaks.

His early work, including initial patent disclosures (1988-1989) and DNA vaccine research, has resulted in over 10 patents and numerous publications, garnering around 14,000 citations.

With extensive experience in preclinical discovery research, clinical trials, vaccines, gene therapy, bio-defence, and immunology, Robert also possesses over two decades of leadership experience in academia, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, and various governmental and non-governmental organizations.

During the COVID era, he has been a thought leader, highlighting issues with testing, adverse vaccine events, and FDA regulatory capture.

He has advocated against censorship and COVID mandates and for early treatment access globally, founding the Malone Institute. Its mission is to restore integrity in government, biological sciences, and medicine.

His increasingly popular Substack, “Who is Robert Malone?” and his best-selling book, “Lies My Gov’t Told Me: And the Better Future Coming,” have garnered significant attention.

The censorship and defamation he’s endured have profoundly impacted his and his family’s life. Following his ban from Twitter in December 2021 and an appearance on ‘The Joe Rogan Experience,’ he faced intense harassment and false credibility claims from major news outlets.

“For me, this is a battle that has completely changed my life, my way of thinking, and my perspective on my government and world leaders. There is no going back for me. I will not let this great nation, this world, go down the road of totalitarianism if I can help it.”

Robert criticizes the U.S. government for its hasty Covid vaccine approval, contrary to global standards for safe and effective product development. He contends this exemplifies federal regulatory capture’s distortion of Congress and agencies like the FDA, NIH, and CDC.

He also believes that synchronizing public health responses across United Nations member states has granted undue power to the UN at the expense of national sovereignty.

“The United Nations has morphed into a leviathan. Its various agreements and goals seek to centrally dictate the world’s economy, migration, reproductive health, monetary systems, digital IDs, environment, agriculture, wages, climate modifications, one world health, and other related globalist programs.”

He argues for preserving national and cultural diversity against the UN’s perceived goal of reducing national sovereignty, fearing this could diminish global diversity, traditions, religions, and national identities.

Robert also anticipates that vaccine passports, linked with central bank digital currencies, could soon restrict travel and financial access for the “unvaccinated” or political dissenters.

“This new global governance will be virtually unbreakable. From there, it is only a matter of time before national sovereignty becomes obsolete. This is a reality, unless we fight to stop this madness.”

In these tumultuous times, Dr. Robert Malone sees us at a pivotal crossroads. He urges trust in our instincts, independent research, and critical thinking, emphasizing the stakes:

“If they can remove my voice, my experience and my expertise – they win.”

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