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Dr Miriam Grossman - No Child is Born in the Wrong Body - Lost in Trans Nation: The Truth About Gender


Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

Today’s livestream takes a deep dive into a huge conversation that’s taking place globally, but, more specifically in the US around the growing rise of young adolescents undergoing gender affirming surgery.

Dr Grossman is a prominent physician, author and international public speaker who is board certified in psychiatry and in the sub-specialty of child and adolescent psychiatry. Dr Grossman has long been warning of the capture of her profession by ideologues, leading to dangerous and experimental treatments on children and the betrayal of parents.

This of course centres on the often controversial topic of gender ideology and the rapid rise of the transgender movement, in particular the often overlooked grief and trauma that occurs not just for those transitioning, but for the parents and families who now find themselves on the outside looking in.

Before gender ideology was on anyone’s radar, Dr Grossman was warning parents about the falsehoods and dangers she saw unfolding, in her 2009 book about sex education – “You’re Teaching My Child WHAT?”.

Dr Grossman discovered that students, and even younger children in elementary school, were being told that there is a spectrum of identities and that male and female are just two extremes that had many, many points in between.

Dr Grossman was alarmed as this idea was being presented to children as a civil right, and that they don’t have to limit themselves to such an oppressive paradigm as male or female.

“You know, I’m a doctor, but you don’t have to be a doctor to know that there are only two sexes, male and female. We are mammals. Mammals are dimorphic species. That means male and female.”

The book was considered controversial, and Dr Grossman found herself subject to disapproving reactions from colleagues in particular. But, as Dr Grossman points out – is this really the kind of information we want to be teaching young, naive and oftentimes vulnerable children, who are experiencing a range of emotions, particularly in their teenage years.

What Dr Grossman says she couldn’t have predicted was the explosion in cases of children seeking a new gender identity and the rise of ROGD – rapid onset gender dysphoria. Dr Grossman points out that when you throw social media, educators and councillors into the mix, children are being “indoctrinated” with these ideas.

Where in the past, Dr Grossman explains this was considered a psychiatric disorder and cases of people with gender identity issues were “very, very rare”, there is now an epidemic of children anxious to pursue these life altering treatments. In fact, so much so that Dr Grossman says at her practice she now solely deals with such young people and their parents.

And it is the parents that Dr Grossman feels most for in this whole debate. Her new book ‘Lost in Trans Nation: A Child Psychiatrist’s Guide Out of the Madness’ focuses on educating the parents, helping them deal with what may come up and making them aware of the seemingly overlooked dangers of hormone treatments and the controversial puberty blockers.

Dr Grossman has testified at Congress on the importance of protecting children in the face of what is an unwavering radical activism that has been perpetuated by the highest statesmen and women in the US.

Dr Grossman believes that every child is born in the right body and it is in fact the child’s emotional life that needs healing, something many parents are ill-equipped to deal with.

I’m looking forward to sitting down with Dr Grossman to better understand this complex situation and find out exactly why the US is so openly allowing young children to undergo such invasive treatments while bypassing the necessary psychological assessments. It’s going to be a fascinating conversation – so make sure you tune in.

“Many are lonely; this was exacerbated during Covid lockdowns. These vulnerable kids search for relief, and they find it on the internet.”


Watch the trailer for this exclusive video interview with Dr Miriam Grossman:

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  1. Growing concerns of mental health among teenage transgenders
  2. Each transgender individual is worth $1 million to the drug companies
  3. Puberty can be the solution to the transgender crisis
  4. This is why puberty blockers are not safe
  5. Examining the Tavistock Clinic scandal
  6. Puberty as a milestone advocating against blockers
  7. Understanding the criticisms surrounding the Tavistock Cllinic
  8. The transgender assembly line
  9. Gender affirming care is a medical scandal
  10. The dark side of using gender affirmation for political gain
  11. Behind the scenes of gender transition
  12. Contrasting challenges and triumphs of transgender transitions
  13. I just want transgender individuals to get the help they need
  14. Don’t allow the internet to educate your children
  15. How disinformation shapes public perception of transgender issues
  16. Don’t let your kids be sitting ducks in the transgender movement


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