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Watch > Episode > Dr David E Martin - Covid Was An Act Of War Against The Human Race

Dr David E Martin - Covid Was An Act Of War Against The Human Race


Founder & CEO of M∙CAM Inc.

Back in 2020, we were one of the few platforms that questioned the mainstream narrative and continued to speak with experts and insiders that had important information we felt the public needed to hear.

One of those people was Dr. David E. Martin, the professor, researcher and author who many of you will remember as the star of the groundbreaking documentary Plandemic 2. That film was livestreamed here on our Digital Freedom Platform to over two million viewers, becoming the largest live broadcast of a documentary film in human history.

In it, David exposed the elaborate web of deception and lies by governments, corporations, and regulators that was a preamble to the Covid-19 pandemic and illustrated in detail how “following the money” uncovers a distinct conflict of interests between the very people that are managing this crisis.

David is the Founder and Chairman of M·CAM, an organisation that has for some time stood at the forefront of innovation finance, trade, and intangible asset finance. His groundbreaking achievements include the development of the world’s first innovation-based quantitative index of public equities, revolutionising the way we measure and assess the potential of companies.

Essentially M-CAM allowed US banks and then global banks to use intangible assets as collateral for loans. Whereas normally with a loan from a bank you put up security like your business or your house, David and his team found a way to allow people to put up patented ideas or copyrights.

“What we had to do for our business, is we actually have to monitor every patent that issues anywhere on earth. So the fact of the matter is, our business has to look at whether or not people have what they say they have.”

And with that understanding and knowledge alongside an unwavering commitment to right and proper research, David’s expertise became the fulcrum of investigations into the pharmaceutical industry and the workings of the FDA, CDC and the role of health officials like Anthony Fauci.

What David has uncovered is mindblowing information that suggests Covid-19 was far from being an overnight phenomenon, but has actually been orchestrated over the course of more than five decades! It is a remarkable narrative, the timeline of which David outlined in detail at the recent International Covid Summit in the European Parliament in Brussels.

David believes that Covid-19 was and remains an act of biological and chemical warfare perpetrated on the human race, and explains that coronavirus was first identified as an infectious replicable viral model that could be modified for “a whole host of reasons” in 1965.

David also outlines how Pfizer filed the first patent for a spike protein vaccine for coronavirus in 1990. While in the years that followed, every publication on vaccines for coronavirus dating from 1990 until 2018, concluded that coronavirus escapes the vaccine impulse because it modifies and mutates too quickly for vaccines to be effective.

In 2003, David says the CDC filed the patent on coronavirus isolated from humans. This is mind boggling information and brings into question almost everything we thought we knew, and barely scratches the surface of the incredible research and work David has done to uncover the truth of what is really happening, and the motives of those at the top of the global health industry.

This is a huge interview, and I can’t wait to unpack all that David has uncovered in his years of research and find out what steps need to be taken to ensure this can never happen again. David is an incredibly smart individual, a great analyst and speaker and what he has to say might just be the most shocking and detailed analysis of the Covid-19 pandemic to date.

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  1. Covid-19 was a premeditated act of global terrorism
  2. Tracing the history of coronavirus as a potential biological weapon
  3. Anthony Fauci’s unconventional path
  4. Unveiling the unthinkable – governmental involvement in the weaponization of coronavirus
  5. The loss of 8-9 Million lives in the Covid-19 era
  6. The disturbing plot for financial gain behind Covid-19 and vaccines
  7. The real threat beyond Covid-19
  8. The corporate-government alliance
  9. How they are leveraging fear and illusion for control
  10. 21 minutes was everything the world needed
  11. Redefining success amidst adversity
  12. Seeking freedom from limited perspectives
  13. The core problem
  14. The Tucker Factor – Holding the power of the Presidency
  15. Elon Musk’s unconventional approach to decision-making
  16. Seeking accountability for the Pandemic events
  17. I’m doing what I was meant to do


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