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Watch > Episode > Dr. Bruce Lipton - Coronavirus, Epigenetics & Immune System - Most Dangerous Part of COVID-19 is Fear

Dr. Bruce Lipton - Coronavirus, Epigenetics & Immune System - Most Dangerous Part of COVID-19 is Fear


Epigenetics & DNA Manipulation

If you want to understand how and why viral infections impact humankind, you need to look no further than Brian Rose when he’s interviewing Dr. Bruce Lipton on The interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton may be one of the best interviews that answers the most questions about Coronavirus. In this interview, the truth of Coronavirus is drilled down to how it impacts our body.

If you start at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, you understand why and how many of us missed that its part of the flu virus family. It’s much more aggressive than our historical flu epidemics, and that’s what makes it worrisome to all of us. Every year we have .1% of people dying from the flu, so why is COVID-19 so different?

The symptoms are manageable for almost all of us. Yet there is a portion of the population that has weakened immunity. Those with weakened immunity suffer from things like respiratory issues.

Read on to learn more about how a dangerous component links our Immune Systems, Epigenetics, and Coronavirus and it’s not what you think it is.

Dr. Bruce Lipton

If you want to break down the medical components of the COVID-19 virus, Dr. Bruce Lipton provides hard scientific facts to prove the Coronavirus is a flu. It’s a new type of flu but it’s still the flu. It’s different from the cases of flu because of the immunological memory.

None of us contains an immunological memory of the Coronavirus. That’s because the COVID-19 flu virus is relatively new and without the immunological memory, we have little to help us as we fight it. Every year there’s a cohort of people who die from the flu who have weakened immune systems.

The COVID-19 death statistic is determined by taking the number of people who died from it and dividing it by the people who have had the virus. If you use that mathematical equation, less than 1% have died from COVID-19, which is the same as those who die from a regular flu season. There is a new component in COVID-19 we’ve not seen for decades.

The new component is its most dangerous one, and that is fear.

Fear in Our Body Causes a Fight or Flight Response

Our immune system is designed for internal protection in our bodies. The immune system has two protection systems. The adrenal system protects us from the outside through fight or flight.

How would you split the energy levels you need in your body to have a functioning and healthy immune system? When you’re sick with the flu and have chills, temperature, and other flu symptoms, your immune system is in high-gear inside your body. It’s at this point in the interview that Dr. Bruce Lipton gives us a great example to ponder about our immune systems and dealing with fear.

Let’s say you have a terrible case of the flu, and your body is already fighting against the symptoms. You look up, and you notice a Bengal Tiger coming at you from across the room. What does your body do next?

Typically it’s almost instinctual that your body will shut down all visceral functions that are fighting the flu and will concentrate only on the fight or flight stress hormones as you try to stay safe. It is the Bengal Tiger that represents the more significant threat.

Immune System Stress

This is where the listener learns that it’s vital we change our visual picture of what COVID-19 is because if we don’t then we can all start feeling fear and panic. Brian Rose asks Dr. Lipton what this fear, panic, or stress is doing to us as we need to fight COVID-19? Dr. Lipten explains when you start feeling fear and panic; your amygdalas are in overdrive.

Think about it; there’s nothing that does more for your body than your immune system. Your immune system is the guardian of your body, and it’s governed by the cells in your body. It’s the cells that make up your immune system.

Cells can be in an almost abnormal growth pattern, or a cell can be in protection, but it can’t do both at the same time. Every time you let stress and fear take over your mind, the amygdala takes over, and adrenaline pulsates through your body. That means you’re leaving no energy in your immune system to fight COVID-19.

A Virus in Biology and the Sixth Mass Extinction Event

A virus in the world of biology is a memory stick for the body. As a human race, we are powerful people. But our programming can get infected just like a computer.

History has proven that because Dr. Lipten brings up that the world has gone through five mass extinction events. All the animals that once existed on Earth, 99.9 percent are now extinct. Most of them perished in five cataclysmic and extinction-level events.

That’s why we need to be mindful that the Coronavirus spread can be altered by human behavior. We must move towards living in harmony with nature, ourselves, and the world.

Coronavirus and the Future

Dr. Bruce Lipton sums up the future of humankind when Brian Rose asks him, where do we go from here? How do we learn from this and move forward, so we are wiser, healthier, and live in harmony with the world around us? Dr. Lipton answers by drawing a correlation between the COVID-19, fear, and our immune system.


00:00 | Trailer.
02:16 | Brian’s introduction.
03:06 | Brian thanks Dr Bruce Lipton for his previous interview which has been watched by two million people.
03:40 | Dr Bruce Lipton explains this ‘flu epidemic and why fear is the most dangerous part of Covid-19.
15:37 | The spreading of fear which feeds the virus.
18:10 | Stress is the biggest problem in the immune system.
19:16 | How we can deal with stress.
24:06 | How the chemistry of your blood is affected by the picture in your mind.
34:19 | The most valid science on earth is Quantum Physics, consciousness is creating your life experience,
35:50 | Why medical doctors don’t tell us it is all about chemistry and biology. Difference between genetics and epigenetics.
39:53 | There is not one gene that causes cancer. Cancer is due to not living in harmony,
41:32 | How the two parts of the mind control our biology and their significance in fighting Covid-19.
55:25 | Community is a representation of power. Why Dr Bruce Lipton says the pharmaceutical industry has the most power in this pandemic.
57:29 | The power of making affirmations.
1:06:40 | Dr Bruce Lipton says we are now in the sixth mass extinction event.
1:13:23 | Will this pandemic help us to see we are part of this mass event and can change our behaviour?
1:20:31 | Dr Bruce Lipton explains the honeymoon effect.
1:33:28 | Brian’s thanks to Dr Bruce Lipton for his breadth of insight into humanity.
1:35:17 | Dr Bruce Lipton concludes with a final suggestion for listeners.
1:38:44 | How to learn more from Dr Bruce Lipton.
1:40:06 | Brian’s summing up.


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